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The Story of 3 Successful Businessman in India – How They Start their journey?

1. Tanuj Shori – Square Yards

While many real estate-related startups are struggling to achieve breakeven, just 22-month-old firm Square Yards has started making profits. The success of the company in such a short time is the unflinching thinking of its founder Tanuj Shori. Tanuj never thought that he would enter the world of entrepreneurship. After completing his studies, he took a job like a normal youth. An idea he got while on the job inspired him to take the path of successful businessman story.

Tanuj Shori
Tanuj Shori – Square Yards

Actually, after graduating from the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, Tanuj worked with Lehman Brothers and Nomura for eight years in countries like America, India, and Singapore. During this time, he gained experience in areas ranging from banking to real estate, construction, commodities, retail and luxury brands.

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Business Opportunity is Shown in Real Estate

While in Hong Kong on the job, he made up his mind to invest in real estate in India. But as an NRI, he faced many problems in this work. He realized that buying a property in India sitting miles away is a difficult and complicated process. He saw many reasons for this. The first is that there was a lack of professional players in this space who could help or guide them in this investment process or provide unbiased advice and correct information.

In such a situation, investing outside the country is quite a challenging task. On talking to some of his NRI friends, Tanuj realized that he too had faced such problems. Seeing this gap in Indian real estate, Tanuj saw a business opportunity in it and decided to become an entrepreneur.

Research Became The Foundation of Business

Moving on to the decision to start the business, Tanuj laid the foundation of the company Square Yards in 2013 with an investment of $ 1 lakh. Initially, Tanuj started doing in-depth research on real estate in various micro-markets of India’s top 10 cities and shared the facts with the NRI community. After some time Tanuj noticed that the demand for NRIs was increasing, he started expanding his business by setting up his offices in metro cities of India. He also started building relationships with top developers.

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Cross Many Ups And Downs

In reaching success, Square Yards also faced some of the same challenges that are usually faced by all startups. The biggest problem in this was the company getting the right talent in the initial stage. But Tanuj knew well from his experience during his eight years of a job that this challenge can be faced by any industry. He did not give up and trained his employees to make them efficient. Not only this, but they also provided complete freedom of work to the employees and also the ability to understand the responsibilities that come with this freedom. Tanuj was well aware that the growth depends on your talent, hard work, and encouragement.

Found Strong Place

Tanuj’s different strategy to sell primary real estate has brought his venture to a successful stage in a very short time. Within just 22 months of its launch, the company has a presence in five different countries and 14 cities in India. Not only this, in such a short time, a strong team of 900 employees has also been successful.

Talking about the figures, the revenue of Square Yards has crossed $ 100 million in this financial year. Tanuj is happy with her growth and claims that her company has become the largest organized real estate advisory firm for residential property in the country and has acquired a virtual monopoly in NRI markets in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and London. is. Describing the plans, Tanuj says that by the end of the financial year 2016, the company aims to reach 100,000 brokers and have more than 100 institutional tie-ups.

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2. Ashish Shah – Pepperfry Success Story

Ashish Shah laid the foundation of Pepperfry.com in January 2012. Before starting his venture, Ashish worked in the areas of sales operations, business development, supply chain, and logistics for nearly 15 years. Amit started his career in 1998 as a branch sales manager with Tradox Pigments and Chemicals after studying Chemical Engineering from University of Pune and then Advanced Diploma in Materials Management from Ghaziabad’s Institute of Management Technology.

Ashish Shah
2. Ashish Shah – Pepperfry Success Story

After working here for some time, Ashish changed the company and worked here for a year. Meanwhile, he worked at Commerce One India Pvt for four years and then at Baji.com. Ashish gained a lot of experience by working in all these companies. Meanwhile, the turning point of life came for Ashish when he joined eBay Motors India as head of sales and operations, taking his biggest step.

Before eBay, while Ashish gained experience in logistics and supply chain, during his stints at eBay, he learned the tricks necessary to make the business a success. Seeing his good performance, the company removed him from Sales and Operations Head to Business Head – eBay Motors (India & Philippines) and then Head – Social Shopping. Ashish worked at eBay for nearly 10 years. Here he was named among the few people who worked to transform this company into a zero to $ 100 million business and to be recognized as the largest automobile transaction marketplace in the country.

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10 Years of Experience

This growth made Ashish realize such things inside him which he did not know before. This not only instilled confidence in them but also gave them the motivation and encouragement to start their own business. After 10 years of experience in eBay and understanding of trading tricks, Ashish decided to take another big step. That decision was to start his business.

When his colleague Ambareesh Murthy came to know about Ashish’s thinking on eBay, he too decided to join Ashish’s side. The major reason for choosing this sector was that despite being a huge industry, lifestyle was the largest unorganized sector. He observed that people are ready to spend a large number of lifestyle products, but even today they make purchases in traditional ways. The second reason was that there was not much work online in this sector, due to which there was a strong possibility of business in it.

After understanding this gap, Ashish decided to start an online business in lifestyle products and home merchandise and laid the foundation of Pepperfry.com with his savings invested.

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More Business Than Expected in The First Month

Pepperfry, which came into existence in July 2011, started its business in January 2012 and started providing furniture and home decor products online for the country’s micro-industries, artisans and famous brands. Within a month of commencement, he did more business than expected. The business continued to grow over time and the company grew by 350 percent in 2014-2015. Not only this, Pepperfry’s business continues to be strong with 6,50,000 customers from 12 countries including India. Because of this growth, Ashish is hoping that by the end of 2015, he will achieve a turnover of 1000 crores.

A Journey Full of Challenges

From the founding of Pepperfry to the success Ashish faced many technical problems. Lack of infrastructure and supply chain flaws were the biggest challenges. Ashish says that this is a major obstacle in the growth of the e-commerce industry. This makes it difficult to reach such a corner of the country where a large proportion of online customers live. But despite these challenges, Ashish is constantly trying to take his business to great heights.

3. Sahil Barua – Delhivery

Having grown up in Delhi, Sahil obtained a mechanical engineering degree from the National Institute of Technology in Karnak after completing his education at St. Xavier’s High School. Sahil not only did a post-graduation in finance from the Indian Institute of Management from Bangalore but was also an all-round gold medalist. Not only this, Sahil worked for four months at the US University of Maryland as a research intern during mechanical engineering to pursue work as well as experience.

3. Sahil Barua - Delhivery
Sahil Barua is the Co-founder and CEO of Delhivery

Two years later, he also did a three-month summer associate internship at Bain & Company, London, at IIM-B. After this, Sahil completed his studies at IIM and joined a full-time associate consultant at Bain and Company. In the next one year, Sahil promoted and became Senior Associate Consultant. With the growth, his area of ​​responsibilities also expanded and he was given sectors like private equity, telecom, and healthcare. Seeing Sahil’s performance, he was soon given the responsibility of the consultant.

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Search Business Idea While on Job

During this job, Sahil met Suraj Saharan and Mohit Tandon. The three became friends due to their interest in starting their venture. Over time, the idea of ​​starting a venture grew stronger and an effective idea began to be discovered. Due to this, he decided to take a leave of six months from his job. One night during the same holidays, when Sahil and Suraj ordered food online from a restaurant in Gurgaon, they realized that there was a huge shortage in the delivery facility in Indian e-commerce and due to the problems in the restaurants, There is also no online or physical model for delivery networks.

Due to this lack, he got his business idea. The two met the restaurant owner and proposed to solve the delivery problem. It was here that Delhii was born. The process of converting the idea into business started and the necessary preparations were completed in a very short time. Now the time was for the hiring of delivery boys. Meanwhile, Sahil met the owner of the restaurant from where he often ordered food. In the conversation with the owner, he came to know that he is preparing to close the restaurant and appoint his staff elsewhere. Knowing this, Sahil proposed to hire those employees.

Delivery Model Brought Business

With his savings and investment by Abhishek Goyal of UrbanTouch.com, Sahil started Delhi with a corporate office of 250 sq ft in Gurgaon. At the start, he had a total of ten people, including four delivery boys. Expanding his business, he started joining hands with local restaurants and promised to deliver their orders within half an hour. Delaware’s model was well-liked and within a short time, he started receiving 100 orders daily in Gurgaon. Abhishek Goyal also liked the work of delivery and handed over his package delivery order to Sahil. It was from here that the first e-commerce client was added to Denhivari’s account.

Test Possibilities

Seeing the work being done from e-commerce, Sahil and his friends investigated the market in-depth and found that there are huge opportunities for them in this area, and they can also do restaurant deliveries later. In January 2011, he shifted his focus to e-commerce completely with the same thinking. Towards the end of the year, they were delivering 500 shipments to 5 e-commerce clients in Delhi and NCR with their three centers. Shortly thereafter, they expanded their storage services with funding and started their operations in Delhi as well as Chennai.

Big Success Found in a Short Time

With storage, the company soon managed to expand its business to 31 cities across the country. From here Sahil and his companions did not look back. Started five years ago with five co-founders and a handful of delivery boys, the company is currently operating in 175 cities across the country as well as in the Middle East and South Asia, with a team of 3200 employees. Not only this, the company has crossed a turnover of 220 crores in this financial year.

Challenges Also Came in The Way of Success

At the beginning of the company, Sahil and his colleagues faced many difficulties. Many people told them that this idea is not going to run and the business will have to be closed midway. At the same time, some people refused to join them and said that they will do the work of logistics in-house only because your fee is very high. Some decisions also created obstacles. But from these decisions, he learned a lot and continued his efforts and achieved success.

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