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Learned composting and made the terrace a green garden


People from the village come to the city in connection with work and studies and stay through the city itself. Often such people remember the surroundings of the village and the greenery there. At the same time, some people make the city green like their village. Today we are going to tell you about one such couple who are fond of gardening.

Mechanical engineers by profession and running their own coaching classes in Patna, both Rinki and Ashok Singh are fond of plants and trees.

Though Rinki has been planting saplings for years, she was short of space while living in the first flat. Despite this, Rinki had planted about 150 plants in a pot using the roof of the society. At the same time, some plants were also planted in the balcony of his house. She also used to plant some seasonal vegetables on the terrace of the society during winters. But since it was a society’s garden, they had some challenges as well.

At the same time, when he built his own house three years ago, he got a lot of space. At present, there is more than 2000 square feet of space on the roof of his house.

The Better India Talking to Rinki says, “I had brought a rose plant from the old house, from which I have planted 50 rose plants in the new house by cutting. I am very fond of flowers, so whatever new flower I see, I definitely plant it. I have planted many varieties of hibiscus by bringing cuttings from nearby gardens.

In Rinki’s Garden, you will find 12 varieties of roses, many flowering plants like Chandni, Hibiscus, Lily, Mogra, Bougainvillea, Dalia, Gerbera, Rosemary, Adenium, Blanket Flower. Due to the beauty of these flowers, the atmosphere of their terrace remains very pleasant. The guests who come to his house are also happy to see the beauty of the garden.

While Rinki is fond of flowers, her husband Rock is fond of bonsai.

Learn to Grow Rockbonsai from the Internet

Usually bonsai is planted by many people. But in his garden you will also see a collection of the best rock bonsai. Ashok started preparing Rockbonsai by learning from internet and books. He keeps getting information about this from the channel related to the gardening of Vietnam, Japan and Indonesia. Ashok says, “I get stones for this from Gujarat and other states. It looks very beautiful to look at. I was always fond of it, but after shifting to a new house, I started doing it. You can use your creativity to give it different looks.”

He currently has 50 rockbonsai pots. Apart from flowers and bonsai, Rinki also plants seasonal vegetables. At the same time, in fruits, they have only guava and strawberries.

Kids also love gardening

Rinki and her husband spend most of their free time with trees and plants. During the lockdown, he also got a good time to take care of the plants. Seeing parents doing gardening, children have also become interested in gardening. His daughter is four years old and son is eight years old.

Rinki says, “My son eats the fruit and puts its peels directly in the compost bin and grows its seeds in a pot. At the same time, my daughter never plucks any flower or leaf from the tree, nor does she allow anyone else to pluck it.

Since their children love eating strawberries, they have planted eight to ten strawberries in pots.

Rinke believes that if children have positive thoughts for trees and plants from childhood, then they will become responsible towards the environment in the future. If they are not able to plant due to lack of space, then at least they will definitely protect the planted plants.

Compost made from household waste

When Rinki was in the society, she wanted to make compost. But he used to think that it would be a cumbersome task. That’s why she was not making compost even if she wanted to. But suddenly after getting information about it online, she has been making compost from the wet waste of the house for the last three years.

Rinki says, “I learned composting by reading an article in The Better India. There were many buckets of old paint lying in my house, in which I started making compost.

For information related to gardening, they keep reading internet and books and also keep doing new experiments. Rinki and her husband take time out from their busy routine to do all the gardening work. He never hired any gardener for this work.

In conclusion, Rinki says, “Most people do not plant saplings on the pretext of living in an apartment, but if we can keep a dog or a cat while living in an apartment, then three or four plants can be planted comfortably. It is very important to have passion for this.”

Bhagyashree Soni
Bhagyashree Soni is a software engineer with soft writing skills. She is a degree holder from the International School of Entrepreneurial Leadership. She has been a state-level badminton champion and chess player. A woman with a forthright attitude enjoys her writing passion as her chosen career. Writing in the context of feminism, social cause and entrepreneurship is her forte.
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