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On the basis of organic farming, this farmer is called ‘Celebrity Farmer’

Agriculture Success Story On the basis of organic and organic farming, this farmer is called ‘Celebrity farmer’: As we have already told you that the youth of today, after attaining good education, are not going abroad and staying in their own country and making their move towards agriculture. One such is Jaimin Patel, a resident of Bharuch in Gujarat. He has studied computer quite a lot but he does not want to do the job because his mind seems to be in farming. Jamin calls himself a Patidar, which means the son of a farmer.

Farmer Named ‘Celebrity farmer’ Because of Organic Farming

Jamin Patel’s parents both work in the medical field and oversee Jamin farming. Jamin was 28 years old when he started farming. Jamin owns an 8-acre farm that previously housed chemical farming, of which 4-acre farm has been thriving by organic and organic farming. Jamin states that he has a friend who wanted to create a modern farming setup. He wanted to do Polyhouse farming.

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Agriculture Success Story of Farmer Jamin Patel

Jamin further states that when all the preparations were done, that friend backtracked but I had worked hard in it, I did not want to back down, so that is why I moved forward and I started it. Jamin says that I am the son of a farmer anyway, so how could I give up? So I did it and today everything is going well. Jamin does a lot of farming in his fields on the basis of organic and organic farming like sugarcane, tur dal, cotton, moong, watermelon tomato capsicum, green onion, spinach, coriander and is making good profits as well.

Jamin earns 12 lakh tax from his farming

Agriculture Success Story Jaimin explains that all these things are supplied as well as outside the districts of the country. People like to buy these goods because they do not contain any kind of chemical. This is the product of organic and organic farming. Not only this, but Jamin also says that they earn at least 12 lakhs. Jamin says this is a profitable deal for me. Not only this, Jamin believes that a person in the job works hard for the other and in return gets remuneration salary, but in farming, he and all the people associated with it get rich.

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Parents work in the medical field

Please tell that Jamin’s parents are working in the medical field. Therefore, he is transferred from Gujarat to different places. Due to this, Jamin also gets a lot of opportunities to roam, which he likes very much. Even though Jamin’s parents worked, but Jamin’s uncle was farming in the village, but Jamin shared this farming idea with his uncle, then his uncle helped him in this and Today Jamin is earning millions. Jamin states that it is the uncle who has taught in agriculture.

Jamin inspires other farmers as well

Farmer Success Story Apart from this, Jamin also motivates the remaining farmers for farming. Jamin suggests that soil’s biological properties and fertility can be enhanced. Farmers can produce a better crop by using organic manure and organic pesticides, which can make them profitable.

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