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IAS Success Story Of Vandana: The Girl From Haryana

IAS Success Story Of Vandana: Today, IAS officer Vandana, a 24-year-old girl who became eighth in the Indian Civil Services Examination 2012 (Indian Civil Services Examination 2012), and IAS officer Vandana from Haryana, today we will give you information about Vandana. How will you complete the journey of IAS? Vandana was born on April 4, 1989, in a very traditional family of Nasrullagarh Village in Haryana!

There was no practice of teaching girls in their house, no girl of their first-generation went to school! Vandana’s early education was also done in the government school of the village, Vandana did not have any coaching nor any guidance to teach, understand or even tell her! Even Vandana never went out of her house to buy a book! Like an ascetic monk kept locked in his room for one year and studying only and only!

IAS Success Story Of Vandana

Only after 10th did Vandana dream of becoming an IAS-

Vandana’s floor was fixed only after the 10th! From that age on, she used to read interviews of the toppers in Competitive magazine! And keep her cuttings with her, make a list of books! Sometimes after asking a brother or sometimes online books, Vandana after studying in the Gurukul till the twelfth, Vandana studied law at home, never went to college, Dad used to take her to take the exam too! The discipline learned in Gurukul came during one year of preparation, Vandana was determined to become an IAS (Indian Administrative Service) only after passing ten!

Vandana used to study for 12-14 hours daily.

Vandana says that she used to study for about 12-14 hours every day and used to study on the go! IAS (Indian Administrative Service) Vandana says that in summer I did not allow my room to be cooler! Because of cold and restful sleep! She would keep studying in full heat and sweat so that she could not sleep! For a year, even the people of the house had no idea of ​​his existence! As if she was not present in the house, no one was allowed to disturb him!

Nothing if not IAS

(Indian Administrative Service) Along with Vandana, all the people of the house were preparing for the Civil Services Examination, they had the same world! she believed that if not IAS, nothing never thought of any other option! Vandana had the same world, the same dream and the same destination! she has never seen the outside world, never stepped outside Haryana, after working hard day and night, now that the floor has been found! So Vandana wants to fulfill all her wishes! Wants to go horse riding! And wants to learn shooting, wants to move around a lot! Today, all the people of the village, who used to look at the girl once read, used to make her face down! Proud of the success of Vandana! They are saying, “Girls must be taught, if the daughter reads, the name will brighten up!”

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