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Earning millions by planting vegetables on the roof

Agriculture Farmer Success Story is earning millions of rupees by planting vegetables on the roof: today we are going to tell you such a success story! Having gin planted vegetable on the roof of his house and earned lakhs of rupees! This story is not an urban farmer! This story is Krishna Kumar of Pushpa Panipat (Haryana) of Chhattisgarh, Harbans Singh of Hisar, Santosh of Delhi etc. Being green with this kind of farming! Now many highly educated youths have been engaged in training, encouragement of this kind of farming.

Farmer Success Story is earning millions of rupees by planting vegetables on the roof

By forming a company, they are farming on the roofs! Such as Nishant Chaudhary in Delhi, IIT graduate Kaustubh Khare, Sahil Parikh etc. Santosh, who is farming on the banks of river Yamuna behind the Tibetan Refugee Colony in Delhi, explains! That roofing is much easier to cultivate! This type of farming is happening on the roofs of all houses in Delhi.

Agriculture: Earning is very good

Especially for vegetarians, it is very difficult to get pure vegetables today. So you can easily make a vegetable garden (kitchen garden) in the courtyard of your house, on the roof of the house or if you have any vacant land! You will get pure vegetables from this as well and you can also earn some money by selling these vegetables! According to food scientists and scientists, an adult person should consume 85 grams of fruits and 300 grams of vegetables daily for a balanced diet!

In which about 125 grams of green leafy vegetables, 100 grams of root vegetables and 75 grams of other types of vegetables should be consumed! But at present, their availability is only 190 grams! According to the Horticulture Department, the main objective of the said scheme is where the vegetable plant on the roof! Control pollution by grow! At the same time, agricultural land will become less, agricultural land and commercial establishment will be built on it! Due to this, it was planned to grow vegetables on the roofs as an alternative! It will cost about fifty thousand rupees to grow vegetables on the roof! Whose fifty percent i.e. 25 thousand rupees will be given as department grant to the landlord. One unit has to grow vegetables in 300 square feet! Along with providing fresh fruits, flowers and vegetables to the people, financially! Providing employment to the vulnerable is also the main objective of the government.

Roofing plan

Nishant has trained about two dozen farmers cultivating on the banks of Yamuna at this time. These farmers are growing okra, tomatoes, brinjal, fenugreek, spinach, chaulai, poi greens and chillies on the roofs. IIT graduates Kaustubh Khare and Sahil Parikh Baqida are growing seven to eight kilos of vegetables on a roof of two hundred square meters at a cost of only nineteen thousand by forming their business company named ‘Khetify’. Their model is also without soil-water. They have also made water proof beds for roofing. Bhindi, tomato, brinjal, fenugreek, spinach, chaulai, poi greens and chillies are being grown in these beds equipped with organic material.

Things to consider for planting vegetable garden

  • Make a food pit on one side of the vegetable garden so that the waste of the house can be dumped from the plants, which can later be used to burn on the form of rotting food!
  • Choose the back of the house where the sunlight reaches! Pogho develops only from sunlight! It is very important for the plant to get 5-6 hours of sunlight every day!
  • Carried out small ways to take care of vegetables and plants and come and go!
  • For planting vegetables, make a nursery on some shore where the plant can be prepared!
  • As per requirement, make small beds for vegetables and drains for irrigation of beds.
  • Plant fruitful trees on the west side so that the shadow does not affect others.
  • Put lan (greenery) on the main road according to the land available for entertainment.
  • Put flowers in flowerpot and place them on the edge of the path!
  • Grow root vegetables on the ridges!
  • Choose vegetables in such a way that availability remains throughout the year!

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