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Despite being rejected by more than 50 investors and many failed startups, this boy built a company of crores

This story is of a person who chased a dream and slept for many nights but succumbed only after being successful. He failed to achieve his milestone even after completing his studies from India’s most prestigious educational institution. Despite countless failures, he never gave up and today stands before us as a successful young entrepreneur. Reading the life journey of this person will create a feeling of passing through you.

He grew up in a middle-class family in Ghaziabad and Bikaner. Satya Vyas Fulfilled his parents’ dream and scored an IIT exam. After enrolling in the prestigious IIT Roorkee, his trend gradually started to end with studies. Satya started playing for her college with more interest in sports and won many tournaments. But along with sports, he continued his studies while scoring minimum.

Satya, along with a friend in college, created a social networking site, where different college students could share their college function videos with people, even at a lower bandwidth. This startup idea was great but the site was shut down due to no revenue model.

In his desire to do something new, Satya came up with a new idea and laid the foundation of a computer gaming magazine. Despite being a hit among the students, this magazine could not run for long and Satya had to face her face once again.

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By the end of college, Satya surprised everyone, deciding to do an internship with Commonfloor.com, turning down a fat salary job. He left it too after working here for a few days and started his third startup, which too closed after eight months. This idea of ​​selling low-calorie sandwiches failed to attract investors.

After continuous failures, Satya’s condition worsened day by day and then she decided to come to Mumbai. There was not even a penny left in his pocket and then he started borrowing 100 rupees from his friends. Not only this, his roommate asked him to vacate the flat on the day of his 24th birthday. During this, Satya would spend hours in local trains between Thane and CST, only to wonder where and what to do next.

Then finally he spent the next two months illegally with his brother studying at IIT Bombay. In his spare time, he used to analyze his mistakes and cursed himself because of the job rejected during college. But the reason he left the job was to start his own business which was his dream. Satya would have got the money from the job but his dream would remain incomplete.

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Once again, Sathya left for Bangalore with the intention of doing something new and started a fitness platform called ‘Orobind’ in association with his old partner Shubhanshu Srivastava from IIT Roorkee.

This was the first time that Satya was fully confident about the success of his idea. But in the next few months, they reached near bankruptcy twice in a dangerous way. Although they had got 40 customers in the beginning, they were still facing a tough challenge to grow the business at a fast pace. He first decided to pay the trainers working at his place and then would have saved him some money.

Gradually, his idea became popular and today Orobind has more than 1,000 customers in Bangalore and more than 135 personal trainers for them. With the aim of opening this idea on a large scale, he approached more than 50 investors but none showed interest.

But Satya never gave up and in 2016, Hausageoy acquired her company. Hausageoy is a multi-million company funded by Amazon.

The success of Satya teaches that we have to generate strength to fight against the odds within ourselves, only then we will be successful in achieving our goal.

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