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The story of this man, who earned 18000 crores without any capital investment, is full of inspiration.

All new entrepreneurs try to increase their strength only through venture capital and ensure further success. But there are some people whose thinking is very different and they choose a different path to move forward. They also form the fastest-growing, billion-dollar company from the ground up, without any capital investment.

We are talking Sridhar Vembu, Which achieved a different status through revolutionary software under the banner of its company called Advent Net. The company’s productivity suite Joho is a well-known name in the software industry to millions of people around the world. The company had total revenue of 3308 crores in the year 2019. Sridhar’s life, which included a simple start without a venture capital investment into the Billion Dollar Club, is full of inspiration.

Sridhar Vembu’s childhood was spent in a modest to a middle-class family in Chennai. He started his schooling from Tamil Medium Government School. He was very good in studies, and later he completed his studies from IIT Madras. He wished to study in electronics but he completed his studies in computer science.

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Vembu was not eligible for a PhD in his institute, so he completed his doctorate in electrical engineering from Princeton University in 1989. After studying PhD, he returned to India with his US-based brother and here he started a software venture Advent Net Introduced. A few months later, 150 of them became customers, but in the year 2000, they faced a lot of problems and they decided that now something new and revolutionary change has to be brought.

Under this revolutionary change, Zoho was born. Zoho is selling the Joho office suite through the Internet. From which they received revenue of $ 500 million. Joho started competing with Salesforce’s Customer Relationship Management Software and Google Docs.

Zoho is currently serving millions of successful businessmen and has 50 million users. Not only this, which is providing the service of customer relationship management to small companies for free and for big companies it also costs only $ 10 a month.

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This Indian entrepreneur has achieved so much fame and success in a very short time, but he is threatened by Salesforce founder Mark Benioff, a well-known American entrepreneur, and tries to buy Joho; But they could not succeed.

“Mark said that Google is a demon and you can’t even compete with it.” Then I said that he needs to be scared of Google, I just need to do better than Salesforce to stay alive ”.

Vembu’s view is that all startups should do their business without funding. They say that everyone should learn how to provide better service so that customers are forced to pay the price. Very large companies like Mughal Mike Moritz offered to invest in his firm, but this was not accepted by Vembu. Apart from this, Vembu did not hire people with higher degrees like IITs or IIMs for his company, instead, he always chose young professionals who were rejected by others.

“We don’t see college degrees or grades. Because not all people of India come from a high economic level, nor do they get an opportunity to study in an engineering college of top rank. But some are really very capable. “

The situation Sridhar Vembu is in today is like a dream for a new entrepreneur. His extraordinary achievements are inspiring for all. Sridhar Vembu is a living example of excellence, who does not run after money and runs after him.

You will be surprised to know that Sridhar, the owner of a personal estate worth 18 thousand crores, has been providing free education to poor and deprived children for the last one year in a small village in Tamil Nadu. He wants to create a model of education in which degree and numbers will not be given importance. Vembu says his goal is to educate children on the ground.

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He has been named in the list of recipients of the Padma Shri, the fourth-best civilian honour of the country in the year 2021 for his outstanding contribution in the field of business.

He set a success flag in an area where only and only foreign companies dominated. These people, who have created a well-known brand in a fierce competition on the global stage, have the real power to make India an economic superpower.

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