Women in search of 'missing' loved ones in Mexico are on target, if someone is getting murdered, then someone is getting threats

Women in search of ‘missing’ loved ones in Mexico are on target, if someone is getting murdered, then someone is getting threats

Mexico Crime: The condition of women in Mexico, which is battling with crimes, is very bad, women searching for their missing relatives are being attacked. He is being murdered.

Violence against women in Mexico (Mexico Crime Against Women) – a symbolic picture

Mexico Crime Againsta Women: Most of the suspects are mostly women activists who have gone on a nationwide search operation in search of their slain relatives in Mexico. Either they are being murdered or they are getting threats. The promise of protection of these women who came out in the desire of funeral of their loved ones has become a test for the government (Women Hunting For Disappeared Relatives). Many people who came out on this campaign told their stories and told about receiving threats and monitoring them.

They suspect that all this is being done by the same people who may have killed their sons, brothers and husbands. Aranja Ramos spent more than a year searching for her husband Brian Celaya Alvarado after his disappearance on December 6, 2020 (Mexico Crime Rate 2021). People searching for their loved ones came to know that during 2006-2012, when drug violence between gangs was at its peak, they used to kill people and throw them at one place which turned into a field of dead bodies.

Many secret tombs discovered

Ejido Ortiz, along the country’s northern border, is one such ground, where Aranja Ramos was murdered on July 15 while searching for her husband’s body (Mexico Crime and Violence). “Several secret graves have been unearthed in Ejido Ortiz,” the group engaged in a search operation with Ramos said. He told that it appears that the killers are still present nearby and they are using this place to bury the dead bodies. About a week before her death, Aranja had posted a message that she was looking for her husband and not the suspects.

Officials will give security to the searchers

Officials in the state of Sonora have agreed to provide security to the searchers. The state also agreed to hand over the excavation of possible graves discovered by the explorers to a team within three to five days. However, it seems that the authorities are taking more interest in burying the whole matter. He told the searchers not to take photographs of the tombs (Mexico Women Volunteers Target). When asked about the murder of Ramos, President Andres Manuel López Obrador made a statement: “We will continue to protect all women.” We condemn these crimes.

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