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What is Kali Linux? Kali Linux Download & Install

Hacking has always been a favourite subject for tech enthusiasts. Every technical person wants to learn about hacking. There are many hacking tools that are taught. One of the special tools is kali Linux. Many people want to know about it. Before using it, you should know that if you do good work through it, that is, you do not harm anyone through it, then it is big work for you, but if you harm someone through it. So you can get stuck.

What is Kali Linux?

You will know about the operating system on your computer. Just like your computer has Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10 OS, just like Linux is also a kind of OS. One type of Linux OS is Kali Linux. Which you can use on computer or mobile. There are many such pre-loaded tools in this OS, with the help of which it is easy to check the security of a web product. That’s why Cyber ​​experts use it more. However hacking can also be done through it.

You must be thinking that when Kali Linux is such a useful thing, then why did we all keep using Windows till now? So the answer is that Windows Operating System is a user-friendly OS where you understand everything very quickly. You do not have to memorize any kind of code to find something. You just write his name and look at his icon and recognize it, while finding things in Kali Linux is a bit difficult. It is not designed for general users. If you are not an expert on Kali Linux, do not make the mistake of installing it on your computer.

Why is Kali Linux used?

A special and major reason behind the use of Kali Linux is that in this you get many hacking tools for which you do not have to work hard. Often, you have to memorize several types of codes separately for security checks. You find it very difficult to do all this manually. For all these things, Kali Linux gives you a ready-made setup, with the help of which your hour’s work can be done in minutes. This is the reason that many Cyber ​​Experts use Kali Linux for White Hacking.

Kali Linux Benefits

Kali Linux has many advantages over other OSes.

– The first advantage of Kali Linux is that it is completely free, that is, you do not have to pay any money to use it. You just have to download and install its setup, for which you just need internet.

Official Kali Linux Downloads

– On Kali Linux, you get hundreds of such tools which are helpful in hacking. There are more than 600 penetration testing and security analytics related tools available, which makes your work much easier.

– Kali Linux is an OS based on the open-source model. Because of this, any user customizes it according to their requirement from anywhere.

– People from many countries use Linux. Because of this, Kali Linux has also been made to support many international languages ​​so that users of any country can operate it.

PC Requirement – Kali Linux install

To install Kali Linux, you do not need much space nor heavy specification. If you have some general specification in your system then you can install Kali Linux. To install it on your computer

– At least Hard Disk should have 20 GB of space.

– Must be one of the CD-DVD Drive / USB Boot Support / Virtual Box.

– There should be at least 1 or 2 GB of RAM.

How to install Kali Linux?

To install Kali Linux, you must first install Kali Linux ISO File Download Have to do and download VMware. After this, the procedure described below is to be followed.

– Open the most intriguing VMware and click on Create A New Virtual Machine.

After this, a new page will appear in front of you. To select the Installer Disk Image File (ISO) on it, click the Browse button and select it from where you downloaded the file. After this, click on the Next button.

– After that select Linux and select the version of Linux ISO file in the version and click on Next.

– After this, you have to name your Virtual Machine. In this, you type Kali Linux in Virtual Machine Name and click on Next. Maximum Disk Size is 20 GB Hard Disk I can select the space in the C drive. At least 8 GB is required to be selected. After this, select the Store Virtual Disk As A Single File and click on Next.

– After this, the option of Customize Hardware will come. In this, you have to do some sitting. By clicking on the memory in it, you can select it according to your RAM. You have to select at least 1024 MB. In the processor, you have to select 2 Core. After this, click on Network Connection bridge and finish by clicking on close.

– Kali Linux will be installed in the next step, during which you have to do some setting.

  • In this, you have to select the language. You can select English.
  • You have to select India in the location.
  • In Configure Locales, you select the United States.
  • In the keyboard, you can select American English.
  • Type the computer name in the hostname.
  • Enter the URL of the website in the domain.
  • In Root Password, you have to create a password.

– After all these settings are done, you Partition Disk Option will get. In this, you have to click on the option of Guided-Use Entire Disk and double click on Continue. After this, select All Files in One partition. After this, click on Finish partition and Write Changes To Disk and click on continue.

After this, the option of Write the Changes to Disk will come. In this, select Yes and click on continue.

After this, the Use A Network Mirror option will come in, select Yes in it. Keep the HTTP Proxy Info blank and click Continue. After this, the option of Install Grub Boot Loader will come in it, click on Yes and click on continue.

– Kali Linux will be installed on your computer after this process. Your computer will be restarted. After this, you have to click on Kali GNU / Linux. You will come to Kali Linux OS. To enter it, you will need a Username and Password. The user name is your Hostname which you wrote in place of Hostname during the installation and the password you created during the installation.

Is Kali Linux illegal?

Kali Linux is a type of OS found in Free. If you download and use it, then there is nothing illegal in it, but if you do something through it that is harming someone, then it becomes illegal. You can use it to check the security of your own products such as apps, websites, software, etc. But if you try to hack someone’s account or mobile from this, then you may have to face jailbreak.

How to learn to run Kali Linux?

You can join any ethical hacking course to learn how to run Kali Linux. Apart from this, there are some books available in the market to learn Kali Linux, with the help of them you can learn to operate Kali Linux. Kali has some special books for Linux.

  • Basic Security Testing with Kali Linux 2 (Robert W. Beggs)
  • Mastering Kali Linux for Advanced Penetration Testing (Joseph Muniz)
  • Kali Linux Web Penetration Testing Cookbook (Gilberto Najera Gutierrez)
  • Kali Linux Wireless Penetration Testing (Vivek Ramchandran)
  • The Hacker Playbook 2

Apart from this, you can join Online Video Course to learn Kali Linux. If you want to learn Kali Linux then you can learn through all these mediums. But keep in mind that you should not install Kali Linux without learning it.

Do not install it on your computer until you understand its features and programs. Also, do not use it for hacking someone else.

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