Will WhatsApp Web service stop after the introduction of multi-device support feature? know the truth

After the arrival of this feature of Whatsapp, if you are planning for sexting, then there can be a huge loss, know the advantages and disadvantages

Disappearing messages and photos can now be sent with the help of WhatsApp. The new feature can compete with Snapchat here.

This new feature has been brought to make Whatsapp chatting fun.

Now a new sexting app has come for the users. Yes, we are not talking about any other app here but WhatsApp. WhatsApp has officially announced the View Once feature where users can now send disappearing messages and videos. WhatsApp has said that, it has launched this feature so that users can get more privacy control. But there is no doubt that the company is competing with Snapchat here. Snapchat is used a lot for sexting.

But do you know that this sexting feature is dangerous. Once this feature comes in WhatsApp, users will send videos and photos, but after seeing all of them once, they will disappear and these photo videos will not be saved in your gallery either. After this, if you have seen the photo and video, then after the disappearance of the message, it will come by writing open to the other person. At the same time, if the video or photo is not opened for 14 days, then it will be automatically deleted.

But if you are sending a private photo to someone or someone’s account number or PIN, then this feature is useful. With its help, you can also save your phone’s storage.

sexting on whatsapp

The biggest disadvantage of sexting is that, if you send a photo and video to someone with the help of View Once, they may keep a screenshot of it. In such a situation, there is no such feature here that locks the screenshot. So it is dangerous. Snapchat has this feature but it is currently missing in WhatsApp.

Sexting with the help of View Once feature is also dangerous because anyone can take your screen recording or screenshot. There are many third party apps that can record your chat apps and screen. There is protection on downloading and saving photos in Snapchat but it is not present in WhatsApp. On the other hand, if your phone goes into the wrong hands, then it can be more dangerous for you.

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