Home Top Stories UPSC Success Story of IAS Chahat Bajpai: Learned from failing students

UPSC Success Story of IAS Chahat Bajpai: Learned from failing students

UPSC Success Story of IAS Chahat Bajpai: Learned from failing students

UPSC Success Story of IAS Chahat Bajpai – Wanting to become IAS officer by learning from students who failed in Union Public Service Commission: This is a good way to take the tips from the students after failing in the country’s toughest UPSC exam and then prepare for the Indian Administrative Service and give the exam more success and become an officer. Yes, it is not a matter but it is an effective recipe adopted in real life, which has been adopted by Bajpai, who was the topper of the year 2018. Chahat was ranked 59th in Bajpayee’s examination.

Sharing her experience, Chahat Bajpayee told many things about himself and her preparation, which can be useful for you if you are also going to take the UPSC exam. Talking about himself, Chahat Bipeyi explains that do not adopt such an attitude for Essay that its preparations are made later, what will happen to the essay. Many times students feel that only by preparing a two-three essay can they bring good marks in it, then it would be hard to think. An essay is a subject for which you should first prepare and create a separate strategy.

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UPSC Success Story of IAS Chahat Bajpai

Chahat Bajpai further states that with this, even if you know how to write well or you like to read anything, then you are not in the misconception that writing essays is not a big deal for you. The truth is that you belong to any background, you have to work as hard for Essay as anyone else. Chahat talks about himself, saying that earlier she used to think that people who write for a blog or newspaper or who are students of English literature can write a good essay but that is not the case. Everyone has to prepare separately for UPSC essay. Understanding what and how is written in the Essay of the Union Public Service Commission.

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Did not use much decorative language

Chahat Bajpai further states that everyone has a different way of writing their own, but if they talk about their personal experience, then they used to write Essay, believing topper Anu Kumari in which they said that Essay should be like drinking water. That is, something that can be drunk like water at once, there is no need to stop anywhere or there is something which cannot be understood, which flows like water.

Think a little about the use of poetry or quotes in Essay, understand a little

Chahat Bajpai says that she did the same, not using very decorative language or heavy words, but using simple words to speak her Essay more effectively. Apart from this, Chahat Bajpai says that think a little about the use of poetry or quotes in Essay, understand a little. She says that she had prepared many common quotes for Essay that could be written, but take special care to write them only when needed.

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Prepare some essays in advance

Apart from this, Bajpai further states that to practice Essay writing fiercely and if possible, prepare some Essay material in advance. Apart from this, if you are reading previous years papers, then you will definitely see that there are some topics on which questions come every year. At least make the beginning of the paper and the end of it, because it has a profound effect on the examiner. Also, there is an advantage of practising Essay in that you do not have to sit in the hall and think about which subject to choose because during practice you have prepared on some topic.

Choose the writing style according to the topic of the Essay.

Along with this, keep in mind the next point that chooses the writing style according to the topic of the Essay. For example, it is fine to write in Essay past, present and future style, while in a past, present situation, problems, solution mode. Before writing, take a careful look at how your subject can be expressly expressed, please write to write the same method.

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Don’t get off-topic

Chahat Bajpai says that while writing Essay, one thing to be sure is to say the same thing to everyone, do not deviate from the subject, do not tell the story behind what has been asked. Chahat shared her experience and said that while writing the essay, I used to repeatedly turn the page and see if I was going to separate from the subject because she had made such a mistake in her previous career. Desire further states that by practising, your speed also increases, which is very important for this paper.

Bajpayee’s advice to students

Along with this, she also asks to see copies of toppers and online websites that provide information in this regard to pay attention to such writing style. If possible, give a test so that you can know where there is a deficiency in your essays. Have a senior check your essays so that you know the mistakes. In the end, Chahat says give full importance to the essay and practice writing an essay daily. Develop your own style Do not copy anyone. By taking care of these small things, you can definitely score well in this paper.

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