Home Top Stories Mamaearth from 0 to 100 crore in four years journey of Husband and Wife Duo

Mamaearth from 0 to 100 crore in four years journey of Husband and Wife Duo

Mamaearth from 0 to 100 crore in four years journey of Husband and Wife Duo

As a parent who doesn’t want the best for their kids? Especially for their newborns and toddlers, who are sensitive to various stuff, you have to be careful about what you are selecting for them. From the day they are born, it is like your 24/7 job to give your all and provide suitable products for babies. While buying toys, clothes, etc. you are comprehensive about what you are selecting for them. But while choosing baby care products, do you do that, or you just pick anything randomly out of the shelf after seeing it’s an advertisement on TV without checking any ingredients that are used in it while manufacturing them.

A common problem faced by every Indian parent

A couple named Ghazal Alagh and Varun Alagh when they were about to become parents: they were trying their best to make sure that they don’t miss anything. They wanted to provide the baby with necessities and create a comfortable environment for their baby. Now only loving your little one is not enough. The baby needs adequate care. That’s where Ghazal and Varun started to face trouble. They started their research on the internet, what they should be doing, and what they needed to avoid? Also, what type of baby care product they should be using for their baby.

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But they were in for a big surprise, and to say they were stunned after seeing the outcomes wouldn’t be wrong. They were not able to find one single baby care product in the Indian market, which will be safe for the baby. Every baby care product involved some sort of dangerous chemical in the making. This not only made them disheartened but anxious about their friends who are parents and got young kids at home. Because no matter how hard these parents tried to give the best for their kids, they came up empty-handed.

Getting tired of buying expensive products and finding a solution

To avoid using harmful products on their babies, Varun and Ghazal decided to order baby products from the foreign countries who were selling toxic-free products. Soon, they got tired of it as well because getting these products from America was proving to be really expensive. That’s when both parents concluded that this was enough, and they needed to find a solution for once and all.

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They started working day in and out for six months, searching for toxic-free baby products, building an R&D crew, and assigning credentials. This was non-stop work and started leaving them bone-tired, but they didn’t give up, and in the end, they found a solution for all of their problems.


When Mamaearth came into existence?

Back In 2016, Varun and Gazal started a brand under one of the parent organizations Honasa Consumer Pvt Ltd, which is in Gurgaon. In their baby care products, they began using skin-friendly and toxic-free ingredients, which are naturally derived from the plants or human-made. All of these were approved by the authorities and were given a safety certificate. These products were not only certified but also beneficial. The components they are using are acquired from promising resources from around the globe, and these ingredients are ISO, GMP, and Non-GMO acquiescent.

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Becoming Asia’s number one baby care product safe brand

From 2016 to 2020, only in a short period. Mamaearth brand became Asia’s one and only first baby care product brand, which received the MadeSafe Certificate because Mamaearth is the only brand which utilizes chemical-free ingredients to manufacture products.

Mamaearth’s primary motto was to give Indian parents anxiety-free life when it comes to the product they are using for their babies. Since day one, they keep on improving, innovating, and developing, so they create a better and protected place for babies and their parents.

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Giving a wide range of products for babies and parents

When Mamaearth was launched, first they had only focused on creating baby care products. That’s why they decided to introduce only six products in the market. But in the present, Mamaearth is manufacturing skin care and hair care products for both men and women around 80 SKU’s, and further, they began preparing products which were made while keeping the pregnant women in mind. Mamaearth, right now, is fulfilling more than 1.5 million customers demand around more than five hundred different cities of India.

Gaining 1.5 million clients and earning a profit of 100 crores

Mamaearth slogan to provide the best soon gave them recognition helped them gain customers’ trust, and that is why Mamaearth only in only four years entered Rs. 100 crore club is a fantastic achievement in a short period. The couple was able to connect with Indian parents on a personal level. Their drive to create chemical-free products and brand’s recommendation helped them climb this ladder of success.

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Approaching Shilpa Shetty to become a brand ambassador

When their company started to do well, they wanted a well-known and trusted face to represent them in the baby care commodity market. So they approached Shilpa Shetty and asked her to become their brand- ambassador.


Approaching Shilpa Shetty to become a brand ambassador

But Shilpa gave them one condition that she is going to use their first if it’s up to her satisfaction level only then she will represent them, and all of them agreed on this six months went by, and they didn’t hear anything from her and were upset about it. But after the eight-month mark.

Shilpa called the couple saying she loves their products and was singing the praise about how amazing their products are? Shilpa Shetty not only agreed to become Mamaearth brand ambassador, but she also wanted to invest in this brand, and the rest is history.

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Mamaearth Owner’s future plans

In an interview, Varun said,

“In future, we are trying to keep on expanding currently we have 1.5 million users, but we are determined to turn this 1.5 into 10 million and turn our profit of Rs. 100 crore into Rs. 500 crore and we are planning to reach into various cities in the next five years.”

We hope for the best and wish good luck to this amazing couple who changed not only the baby care product market but the entire men and women’s skin and hair care product market.

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