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Farmers can earn lakhs of rupees by cultivating Ginger

Agriculture Success Story Of Farmer Farmers Can Earn Lakhs Of Rupees By Ginger Farming: Today We Are Going To Tell You About Such A Farming! Who can earn lakhs of rupees by cultivating ginger and can fulfill all needs! Ginger has been used as a spice and medicine since ancient times! It is also said to be the most prominent herb in Ayurvedic texts! Ginger contains many nutrients! It is used in many dishes including pickles, tea to bring out the fragrance! There is a demand for ginger throughout the country, so farmers should cultivate it in a scientific way! So that we can get maximum benefit in farming, today we are going to give full information about advanced cultivation of ginger in this article!

How To Earn by Cultivating Ginger?

Nowadays, it is proving beneficial for us to use such crops! Whichever part we can use! Today we are going to tell in this article when and how ginger is cultivated! And how can you earn crores of rupees by cultivating ginger on your own, this is such a cultivation! With which farmer brothers can earn Rs 8 -10 lakhs in an acre! So what is its breed and how are they planted! You have been given full information about this, such crops come in them!

We can use it in raw form, as a leaf, as a stem, as a leaf, in its oil form etc. Because of which it proves its usefulness! India is one such ginger exporting country. Which accounts for 50% of the world’s production. And we can also do its utility in domestic works, in medicinal works and in cosmetics! Big diseases can be cured by this! In which jaundice, asthma, stomach related diseases, piles, colds, jaundice etc. are included. We can use it at home as condiments, tea, dried spices, etc.

Agriculture Success Story: Preparation of Ginger Farm

Ginger farming is done deep plowing of the field from March to April! After turning the soil with a plow, you leave the field open to sunlight! In the month of May, by plowing with a disc harrow or rotavator, the soil becomes brittle! Recommended amount of rotten manure or compost and neem cake in the recommended quantity! Putting the field in the field again and again with the cultivator or native plow 2 to 3 times and then cross-sloping it! The field should be leveled! To facilitate irrigation and to divide the finished field into small beds according to the method of sowing Want it! The recommended amount of fertilizer is to be used at the time of final plowing. | Remaining fertilizers are to be given to the standing crop.

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Farmer Success Story. : Ginger harvest

Ginger crop is ready for harvesting in about 7 to 8 months! If the crop is to be used to make spices! So it should be harvested after about 6 months! Apart from this, if crops are grown to make new products, then harvesting can be done for about 8 months! When the leaves are yellow and completely dry in the crop, then understand that the crop is ready for harvesting! After this, remove the knots and take them out and wash them with water 2-3 times and clean them. Can dry in shade for 2-3 days now!

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