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Meet international wheelchair basketball player Geeta Chauhan, whose courage proved dwarf in front of all the difficulties


Geeta is an inspiration to all the children and young people of the country who are not physically capable in general and consider all paths closed for their future. Geeta is an international wheelchair basketball player and has represented India in several countries such as Thailand. Along with this, Geeta also plays wheelchair tennis at the national level from Maharashtra.Geeta was just 6 years old when she was caught by polio. Geeta explains that the difficulties in the journey ahead on their own are increased due to the occurrence of such disease in childhood. Along with this, Geeta also had to fight with family members to maintain her passion to move forward.

Talking about this, Geeta says,

“The father believed that I should stay at home, instead of going out and studying, but I wanted to study. I had to do something for myself and this country. “

Even when Geeta tried to move forward to get an education, she faced many problems. At one time she was refused admission by 10 schools.

Remembering those days, Geeta says,

“I used to find it difficult to get admission in schools even for studies. Private schools had refused me admission. People did not even like to sit near me, they thought that touching me would cause them this disease. “

The story of Geeta is an inspiration for all of us.

Got friends

Even though Geeta may not have got that support from her father, but Geeta’s mother and her sister helped her a lot during difficult times. Geeta was going through depression and she left her house, then Geeta’s friends helped her immensely.

With the help of friends, Geeta also did some jobs during her college days. Geeta also worked for many years in the finance field and then she slowly turned to business as well. According to Geeta, with the help of friends, she also started a textile business, under which she also has a small shop in Mumbai.

The game showed a new direction

While advancing through constant struggles, Geeta realized that sports are also available for the physically challenged and Geeta got a silver lining from here itself. Geeta decided to join the Women’s Wheelchair basketball team in Mumbai.

Connecting to sports while on a wheelchair is not as easy. Speaking on this, Geeta says,

“We have to focus on practice and during that time it is very important to have strong upper body, shoulders and knees. There is a lot of pain in the back while playing, so our spine should also be flexible and strong. ”

Geeta has won the name of the country and won the basketball in many countries.

Talking about the difficulties faced during the game, Geeta says that if a player falls on the field during the game, no one comes to pick up, unless the referee gives permission, the coach is also not on the field to help Can come.

She says,

“I have practiced a lot to get out of this fear. If I fall, I get up on my own with the help of fellow players. When I go to play on the field, I do not remember any of my problems. Playing at that time is a goal for me. Then only I enjoy the game. “

Geeta was a member of the team that went on to play Paralympic qualifiers in Thailand in the year 2019. Geeta has been a member of the National Wheelchair Basketball Champion team in the years 2018 and 2019. Along with this, she has also done well in tennis and marathon.

Got respect

Gita, who keeps her life as an inspiration to others, has the honour she once imagined. Geeta says,

“Earlier there was no respect, but today people ask, give respect. Today people also understand that we can do a lot. “

Today Geeta practices basketball, tennis as well as wrestling. Geeta also says this to the youngsters who are pursuing dreams ‘There should be a lot of problems in life, but never lose hope.’


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