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A unique business idea that is being praised everywhere, how this girl wrote a story of success

Everything we see around us, from skyscrapers to smartphones in our hands, everything is the result of a small thought. The power of a non-existent idea cannot be guessed. If you have the resolve to take the idea to a new level, then no one can make you become great. Whatever problem the world is facing today, there is a solution behind it. But, that solution is hidden within an idea that needs to be worked on.

Our story today is of a young entrepreneur who, with his ideas, made a unique business model a success and emerged as an example to the people. 28 years old Shraddha Bhansali Runs a unique restaurant in Mumbai, the special thing of which is that the food that is cooked here grows here. Started with an idea Candy and green Called this restaurant is a pure vegetarian restaurant.

How it started

Shraddha belongs to a business class family in Mumbai. After completing her schooling, she moved to the US from Boston University to study Hospitality and Business Management. She moved back to Mumbai in 2014 where she started working in a five-star hotel. Although he was getting a decent salary for his work, he always had a dream to start his own restaurant.

Shraddha had dreamed of a place where people would be served natural and home-made food, which would promote healthy food with good taste. She got inspiration for cooking from her mother. As she saw her mother cooking food for the family, she was always determined to eat healthy food while taking care of everyone’s health. Shraddha wanted to convey this message to the people.

His biggest challenge was to develop a concept for the restaurant. Since the material is grown there, it was challenging to manage the changing season and choice of vegetables well. Because of this, they decided that the menu would change every season. It was not an easy task to serve customers a delicious vegetarian meal, but Shraddha determined to do so.

Great success

After its introduction in February 2017, his restaurant was well received by magazines and food critics from across India. The restaurant is located on the fourth floor of the Hubtib Skybay at Bhulabhai Desai Marg in Beach Candy and the food is grown in a 400-square-foot garden located on the fifth floor that is open for customers to view.

Candy and Green Restaurant was called a rising star by CNBC Awaaz, and Shraddha herself was featured in Forbes India’s iconic 30 Under 30s. With the huge success of her restaurant, she now plans to start another restaurant which has to cater to the needs of common people. Their goal is to provide food at a cheaper rate, but with the same hospitality and care.

Shraddha wanted Toki to work at a five-star hotel on a decent salary, but decided to pursue her passion and is an inspiration for others today.

Ideally, the kitchen garden that is being used in big cities today has its origin in the villages of India. When people migrated from the village towards the city, people used to plant fruit-vegetables etc. around their house in the city so that they could get fresh vegetables grown on their own. With the changing times, people kept planting small saplings in pots etc. even in the absence of land. Today the same concept has taken the shape of a business model in the form of kitchen garden. And it is also really an exemplary experiment.

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