Home Business Government Jobs: 20 lakh Employment Through CSC Digital Service

Government Jobs: 20 lakh Employment Through CSC Digital Service

Government Jobs: 20 lakh Employment Through CSC Digital Service

This year, due to the ongoing Corona era in the country, many people living in villages have become unemployed. For them, the Central Government has come up with a scheme, which is a great opportunity for the people living in the village. Under this, they can do jobs only by staying in the village, that too by joining with the government. In this, they have to do digital work for which recruitment work Common Service Center (CSC). How many people will be recruited and appointed in it. And what work will they have to do. In this article, we are going to do all these things today. You will also get all information about it and how you will be able to register in it. Stay connected with it.

CSC Digital Services

In CSC i.e. Public Service Center, the youth of the village are being given a chance to do jobs. In fact, the number of public service centers in the village is 4 lakhs in the country. 5 people are being recruited in each of the public service centers under Gram Panchayat of all those villages. This information has been given by the Chief Executive Officer of CSC Center, Dinesh Tyagi, posting on Twitter that at least 20 lakh digital candidates will be appointed in all the CSC centers in the village. In which the beneficiaries will be from small towns and rural areas and they will be appointed. These will be called digital candidates.

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Work of Digital Candidates at CSC Centers (Digital Work)

The Digital Candidates to be appointed in the CSC Centers in the village ie Public Service Center will have to do the following:

  • Digital candidates will have the task of paying government, private and social sectors such as telecom, agriculture, health, education, FMCG products, banking and financial services as well as utility bills etc. Through them, government and enterprises services will also be provided to them.
  • Digital candidates will have to go to every house in the village and inform the people about the government schemes.
  • Along with this, they will also have to make the information of B2C services accessible to the people.
  • If a person living in the village has to get his PAN card, Voter ID card, Aadhaar card, voter list etc. added or other amendments, then all those works can also be digitized.
  • Apart from this, some personal services like mobile recharge, bill payment, instant money transfer, DTH recharge, internet data card recharge, Red Bus, LIC Premium, SBI Life, Bill Cloud etc. can also be provided through digital candidates.
  • These digital candidates will also be able to act as delivery agents for rural e-stores and farmers e-mart. In addition, they will also have to do the work of a survey for government and other agencies separately.

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Digital Candidate Registration Process (Registration)

Applicants who are eligible to do all these works can apply through CSC Village Level Enterprises in their area. Its registration will be done only through the Common Service Center ID, which you will get by going to the CSC Center. When you go to the Common Service Center and ask to apply for the appointment of digital candidates, then some of your basic information will be asked there. After giving it, your name will be included in the list of candidates. If there is a fraud or any other problem by the candidate, then the option of active, inactive and suspended of the candidate is also shown. It can also be used.

Salary to Digital Candidates

If the people living in the village want to do this job by staying in the village, then definitely start. With this, good money will be given to you by the government. However, the money will be given on the basis of working or any monthly salary will be fixed for them. No information about this has been announced yet by the concerned authorities. Soon it will be given full information, which you can read in one of our articles.

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So in this way the youth of the village can do government jobs only by staying in the village. This is a golden opportunity for them to earn permanent money.


Q: What is the salary details of CSC Digital Cadets?

Ans: It has not been announced yet.

Q: Who is eligible to apply in CSC Digital Candidates Vacancy?

Ans: Those who live in economically weak and small towns or rural areas of the society.

Q: How to register CSC Digital Candidates?

Ans: By visiting CSC center of your area.

Q: Where to get CSC ID?

Ans: By visiting CSC Center or its online website

Q: How many CSC Digital candidates will be appointed in a village?

Ans: 5 digital candidates will be appointed in a village.