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Business Idea: Earn money online from home, learn this new business idea

E-business idea : If you want to do some business sitting at home, now we will tell you 5 such business ideas that you can do at home, you can do business online and part time business too! If you are also looking to start an online business (E-business idea) at a low cost, then this business idea is a profitable deal for you!

E-business idea

New E-business idea

Affiliated Marketing (Affiliate Business)

Nowadays there are many online shopping websites that reach millions of customers! These e-commerce web sites are most important for product quality and customer verification! In affiliate marketing, you refer to the products of these e-commerce websites by giving good ratings through your blog or websites! So these e-commerce websites give you a good commission on every successful sale of that product! For this you must first go to affiliate.flipkart.com! You have to give your details there, after this you will get a link which you can refer to the link on your Facebook page, blog or websites! After this you can avail the commission! This process exists on another site!

E-commerce business seller

You can sell your products through Flipkart! If you are not able to sell your products online! So in this way you can grow your business by connecting with a well-known website! For this, you have to see such products which are available online, buy such products in small quantity, then you can sell these products on any e-commerce website by taking VAT number! For example, you can sell it on Flipkart Marketplace at seller.flipkart.com! You can earn money by selling your products after registering here!

E-books writing

Now everything has become digital, people also try to read the book digitally! Now, instead of searching for a book on a topic in the library, children search the same topic online! If you are proficient in a subject, then you can sell your notes online through e-books writing in that subject! You can give free demo notes to let people know about the notes, as well as upload videos describing some of the difficult topics in a fun way!

To sell e-books, go to blog.instamojo.com and register yourself, then upload your article!
If you write, it is even better for you! You can sell your good stories through e-books! You may get a chance to sell your articles on Amazon Kindle! Apart from this, you can upload your stories in the e-Books section of the news app Newshunt / Dailyhunt!

Selling your skills

If you are proficient in graphics designing or you write well or you give a good presentation! So you can earn money with this skill of yours! Through www.freelancer.com you can earn money from your skills! Register yourself on this website! This is an online website that gives you a tender for a job! If the website is tendering to make a logo then you have to bid! After winning the bid, you have to make the logo and give it in the given time! Similarly, you can also sell by designing website! After this the site will take information about your bank details and will also transfer the money to your account!

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