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Farmer is earning millions of rupees annually by cultivating pomegranate

Agriculture Success Story Farmer is earning millions of rupees annually by cultivating pomegranate: Today we are going to tell you about one such farmer! Those who have earned up to 90 lakh rupees annually from pomegranate cultivation in their fields! Genabhai Dargabhai Patel, a disabled farmer in Banaskantha district of Gujarat, cultivates pomegranates! He has earned up to 90 lakh rupees by cultivating pomegranate in the same year! Not only this, about 150 farmers have started gardening pomegranates in 1500 bighas of land in their village.

Farmer is earning millions of rupees annually by cultivating pomegranate

Farmer is earning millions of rupees annually by cultivating pomegranate

Let us tell you that this farmer had planted a garden in the area of ​​two hectares in the beginning! Production started from about 1500 plants two years ago! It is often said that expressions do not get good in the beginning! But the farmer, while showing his wisdom, surprised the other farmers of the region with an income of Rs 28 lakh in the first year itself! He told that I focused on increasing the quality of the fruit! Due to this, market prices of fruits should also be good! This made so much income possible! Encouraged by this income, I have given 25 acres of land in the name of pomegranate farming!

Pomegranate flowers are growing in the fields, about 6 thousand plants! I am doing drip irrigation in the garden! Genabhai Dargabhai Patel hails from the official Goria village of Lakhani in Banaskantha! He is 53 years old and studied up to SSC. He has been active in farming for 15 years! And have been cultivating pomegranate for 9 years! In 2009, he received the first prize for the best farmer for pomegranate cultivation! In 2012, he was awarded the State’s Best Soul Farmer Award! So far, he has got 7 best farmer awards in his bag!

Farmer is earning millions of rupees annually by cultivating pomegranate

He told that among the traditional crops, I take production of other crops including castor, cumin, mustard, millet, isabgol, guar, moong, moth! I have two tubewells for irrigation! To meet the increasing water demand, steps have been taken towards the construction of farmland. Two and a half million rupees are being earned annually from traditional crops!

Banaskantha created history

Today Banaskantha Pomegranate is being exported to countries like Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Dubai and UAE! In which Genabhai has also contributed a lot! In the last 12 years, three Banaskantha districts in about 35 thousand hectares are today in the forefront in terms of harvest of wealth! It is becoming the top in gardening too! Pomegranate crop is improving the lives of farmers of Banaskantha district!

Farmer’s age increased

Their income increased by 26 tons in 2012! But this year the yield is only 66 rupees per kilogram! The farmer has received a revenue of Rs 2.0 lakh as against 17.16 lakh per hectare! This means that the farmer earning Rs 15.16 lakh per hectare has made a profit of Rs 75.80 lakh! In 2018, Genabhai’s income has gone up to crores of rupees!

In one year, Genabhai has cultivated pomegranate on five acres.

After Honor Bone, Gennabhai Dargabhai Patel, after one year, five hectares of pomegranate plants are fed through drip irrigation! At that time, farmers did not know about Praghogikio! Today, Genabhai Patel is earning 90 lakhs before his harvest! Rajasthan Government has given cash amount of lakhs of rupees to Genabhai Patel along with the award! Ganabhai is a native of Rajasthan! And his family lives in Rajasthan!

His family members have also seen pomegranate cultivation in Gujarat and he is also cultivating pomegranate in Rajasthan! Genabhai helped farmers in Rajasthan’s Barmer and Jhalore districts to cultivate pomegranate in 250 hectares! Under which Rajasthan Government has given the award!

Genabhai has also been awarded the Padma Shri

Gennabhai Patel has been awarded the Padma Shri Award by the Government of India! Gyanbhai Patel said that after getting Padma Shri I got a call from Delhi! As soon as I picked up the phone, I was told that you have been awarded the Padma Shri award! I was shocked to hear this! After stopping for two minutes, I spoke to my brother that we have got Padma Shri. While taking the award, Genabhai said that I am handicapped by both legs! And they told me that while taking the award there was no place for my happiness! Genabhai has been awarded 7 prizes so far!

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