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Cottage industry: start business, shine your fortune and become rich

Friends, whatever business you have heard about, whether it was in big or small form, you knew it only in the name of small industry and big industry. But you know that there are some industries in which you have to invest very little and which you can start with your family at your home or by taking out a rental shop, such industries are called cottage industries. A cottage means home and industry means business, so Home business Is called a cottage industry. The costs in these businesses seem to below, but you can earn from 10 thousand to 1 lakh rupees sitting at home. For this, it is necessary to choose a better cottage industry and start it by understanding it well. In this article, we are going to talk about some profitable cottage industry.

Kutir Udyog Ideas

Following are some of the ideas of the cottage industry which can give you profit –

Pottery industry

Ever since plastic products are banned, the pottery making business is gaining a lot of emphases. Different types of items can be made from soil such as Earthen axYou can do this business by making different sizes of pot and pot, etc. of the pitcher, roti, and other ingredients. When you start with this, after this you can also start the work of making clay sculptures. You can also make these things at your home, so it is being called a cottage industry. You do not have to invest much in it. And you will get a lot of profit.

Chapati or Bread Start a business of making good money.

Sari or clothing designing industry

Nowadays, people create different types of designs to showcase their art even on sari or clothes. Many people think that this is very big business, but it is not so that you can buy a plain saree from the market and design it according to yourself and sell it in the market at a good price. Similarly, different types of designs are also made on different clothes like Kurti, bags, tops etc. The sari or clothes you design will be bought by your neighbours, relatives, friends, in the beginning, they can be your regular customers. But you have to make some other customers also, for this you have to sell it in the market is better and beneficial.

Milking animals

The cottage industry also includes the business of rearing milk animals, you can also start it from your home. Milk animals mostly include cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep etc. You can start a business of following any of them. For this, you have to buy these animals of good breed. And they have to be taken care of. With which they will give you milk from which you can earn a profit. If you want, you can take help of your family members in this, no, you can hire 2 people and get animals taken care of. It is not possible to get pure milk in today’s time, if you do the business of selling pure milk, then you can get a good profit from it.

Hostel Students Service Business

All the students who study in a hostel away from their home, they have to do their studies while staying in the hostel, as well as they have to do other things like cooking, washing clothes and utensils etc. This greatly affects their studies because they do not have time for them. If you start a business of providing service to students living in hostels, then you will get good benefits from it. In this, you will have to do tiffin service, laundry work and room cleaning for the children and in return, the students living in the hostel will give you money, which will earn you well. For this, you also have to do very little investment.

Festival cottage industry

Our country is a country of festivals where so many festivals are celebrated that they are not even counted. Different types of things are required at every festival, due to which people have a lot of expenses. But you can benefit from the festival. For this, you can start the cottage industry of the things you need according to the festival. Such as Diwali business Rangoli and lamp making, colour and Gulal business in Holi, Rakshabandhan Make rakhi Business in the festival of the kite, there are many other festivals of making kites in the same way in which some things are required. You can make all these things with your own hands at home and sell them in the market. You will invest less in it and profit will be very high.

Jute bags The business of making is giving a lot of profit, making is very easy.

In this way, you can start all these businesses in a cottage form ie from home, create employment for yourself, and make it a means of livelihood.


Q: What is the cottage industry?

Ans: The self-started businesses from home are cottage industries.

Q: What are the cottage industries?

Ans: Any business started in the house like making pottery, designing clothes, doing papad-pickle business etc.

Q: How can I get a loan for the cottage industry?

Ans: One can get a loan at different interest rates under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan or Kisna Credit Card Scheme.

Q: Is it necessary to register for the cottage industry?

Ans: No, but if you register, you can get a large loan amount.

Q: Where to register for cottage industry?

Ans: You can register with SSAI.

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