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20 Best Business Ideas of India

In today’s time, everyone wants to do some business, but to start a good business people have to invest a lot of money. Only those people who have enough money to invest in their business can start such business. If you do not have enough money and you want to start a business, today we are going to tell you, the best 20 business of India which you can start very easily by investing less capital. If you want to start your own business, then this article is very important for you. Please do read our article until the end.

Top 20 Businesses in India:

1) Mobile selling and mobile repairing shop:

In today’s time, everyone uses a mobile phone. In such a situation, if we start the business of mobile phone selling as well as mobile phone repairing, then we can get good profits. Our profit depends on the sales and repairing of our mobile phones. If our product sells in good quantity then we get good profits.


If you open a mobile shop, then you keep your shop decoration, a new mobile phone, and every part associated with the mobile in the amount we keep, it costs as much as our capital. If you take care of the decoration of your store in good quantity and the convenience of customers, etc., then customers also come to your mobile shop. You can get good profits from this.

2) Beauty Parlor

Today, women use beauty parlour excessively in their daily life. This is the reason, that the beauty parlour centre gets very good profits. Women are the main customers of the beauty parlour.

In starting a beauty parlour, we have to decorate the parlour in a very good way, along with decorating the parlour, we also have to take care of the convenience of the customers. We have to invest some capital in providing decorations and facilities, along with that we have to store the beauty parlour related items in our parlour centre. You have to invest in capital accordingly.

3) Artificial Jewellery Shop: –

In today’s time, almost every women use artificial jewellery, because the price of gold and silver has increased a lot, so many women cannot buy it. Artificial jewellery is also cheap and its designs are also very good.


There is a saying that if you lose less than gold, no sorrow if you start an artificial jewellery shop, you can get good profits and have to invest very little capital.

4) Digital Marketing

Most of us know how to use the Internet in a good way. If you want to start a business from the Internet, you can earn a lot of profit by making your website, blog, YouTube videos etc. We can do digital marketing business sitting at home very easily.

If you do any work related to digital marketing, you have to invest very little capital to start it. You have to have a laptop/computer and mobile/wifi and you have to create a website or YouTube channel etc. is. For more information about this, you will find many videos on YouTube.

5) Digital Studio

If you are a good photographer, you can also open a photo studio and also if you know the computer, you can also open a digital studio. Where you can do song video mixing, photoshoot etc. very easily.

If you want to start a digital studio, then you must also have items of the digital form (camera computer or laptop lights etc.). You only have to invest your capital in buying all these items and decorating your studio.

6) General Store

If you want to start a business, then we should also open a shop for goods used every day. The items used every day are sold very well. To start a general store, we should keep the items used every day (cereals, soaps, shampoos, dry fruits etc.) in our general store.

This business runs for 12 months and you can start it with very low capital investment. You can also start a general store by investing only 25 to 50 thousand rupees.

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7) Bakery Shop

If you want to open a bakery shop, then it is also one of the most lucrative business where you can prepare and sell items like Bread, Biscuits and Cake and sell your bakery. If you do business properly then you can earn more money than any person doing any job.

8) Freelancer

Only a few of you have heard the name of Freelancer. Most of you must be wondering what this freelancer business is. We want to tell you that if you know any area of ​​website designing, software development, photo editing, article translation, content writing, etc., then you can become a good freelancer. You do not have to invest any capital for this. You can earn a lot of profit by starting this work.

9) Computer or laptop repairing

If you have a good knowledge of computers or laptops and you know how to repair a computer, then you can make a very good profit by opening a computer repair shop. In today’s time computers and laptops are being used very much, so this shop can prove to be very good for you in the future.

In starting a computer repair shop, you have to invest very little capital. You will have to invest your capital in the necessary equipment for computer repairing. You can make a very good income by starting a computer repairing work.

10) Fitness Club (Gym)

In today’s time, every person takes full care of his fitness, for this, he also does a gym etc. You can make people’s fitness your business, for this, you have to have a good experience in the fitness field. It is the best thing in business that you have to invest only once in it and for many years it will cost millions. Can earn


11) Electronic Shop

Electronic items are in great demand today. Along with selling electronic items at an electronic shop, they can also be repaired. We can make profits of 20 to 25% on each electronic item. We can start an electronic shop both online or offline.

If you want to start an electronic shop, then you have to invest capital in keeping electronic items in your shop and you can earn good money for the month.

12) Breakfast Shop (Dhaba)

If you want to start a breakfast business, then you have to take care of cleanliness and beauty from the cleanliness of your shop. If you keep your shop clean and beautiful as well as make your dishes tasty and satisfy your customer with your fast service, then you can make a lot of progress in this business.

If you start a breakfast shop, you have to spend very little money. You can spend money on this business as per your requirement. If your business starts growing, you can also do your business online.

13) Tour & Travel Agency

In today’s time, everyone wants to visit each of the new places. You can make a good income by starting your tour and travel agency. Under this, travellers book bus tickets, train tickets, flight tickets, cars etc. from your agency and go for a walk, you can earn good profits through this business. This business is one of the top-level business in India.

14) Coaching classes

Almost every child does coaching after school. If you are an educated person, you can make a good income by starting a coaching class. The fees for coaching classes are also very high and we have to spend very little money to start coaching classes.

Starting from coaching classes costs around ₹ 20 to ₹ 25 thousand only. We can earn a lot of profit by starting a coaching class.

15) Clothing Store

In today’s time, this business is also growing very well. According to the time, the demand for designer clothes is becoming very high. If we start a business of clothes, we can get very good profits.

Starting a clothes shop, we may have to invest from around ₹ 50,000 to ₹ 100000. Nowadays the value of clothes is also going to be very high, we can get profits of about 30% to 40%.

16) Paper Plate Business

The paper plate business is in good demand today. There is not much competition in the market to do this. Start this business on a small scale first. You can make a good income by installing a machine, we do not even need to work hard to do this business.

You do not need to spend much to start this business. We have to spend money to buy machines and raw materials. We have to spend around ₹ 40000 to ₹ 50000 to start this business.

17) Yoga class

In today’s time, every person takes good care of his health. In this case, each person also does yoga etc. If you have a good knowledge of yoga and you are fit, then you can start yoga classes. You can also start a yoga class at your home.

Very little investment is required to start a yoga class. Investment in yoga classes is equal to no. It has very good profits.

18) Automobiles Repair Shop: –

In today’s time, everyone uses bikes, cars etc. more. Cars and bikes are very much in circulation at this time. In such a situation, if we start an automobile repairing shop, we can get very good profits. We can do car, bike repairing as well as washing.

It takes very little investment to start an automobile repairing shop. It can cost from around ₹ 35000 to ₹ 40000. We can earn a lot of profits from this.

19) Water supplier: –

Keeping in mind the increasing pollution, there are many companies in India, which filter the water and supply it in the market. This makes them much more profitable. If you also want, you can filter the water and sell it in the market, if our business grows, then we can further promote our business.

Nowadays, mineral water is being used in marriage. So we can do our business online as well. To start a water supply business, we have to invest 2 to 3 lakh capital.

20) Sailing Second Hand Product: –

Many people cannot buy new items, so they buy second-hand products. In such a situation, we can sell the second-hand product to get more profit. We can also do this business in our online way. The best online platform to sell second-hand items is olx. We have to invest very little to sell seconds and products.

Conclusion: –

By following the business idea mentioned above, you can make a good income. You can start your business in the area of ​​which you have good knowledge about the business idea that we have mentioned. If you start your business keeping your knowledge in mind, then you can get equally good profits.



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