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These 5 businesses will start on Saturday and Sunday holidays

There are 2 types of women, domestic women and working women. The women working in the week do their work in the weekdays, but they remain free on weekends. In the same way, domestic women are also so busy in household work in the weekdays that they also have no time to do anything different. But when men are at home on weekends, they share their work such as handling children, etc., due to which these women are also free on weekends. In their free time, these women can start their own business by working according to their choice and skills. In this, they get a good time for 2 days to prepare. Here are some ideas of what kind of business they can do their income these days.

Weekend Business for Women on Weekend

In the weekend, women can start the following types of business to make their identity with their choice and talent –

1. The business of making handmade products

Women are often very fond of making handmade things, they can make different kinds of products with their hands. Like different types of Handmade jewellery, Bags, Home affairs, Pickle, Mango papad, potato The chips Etc. Many other things happen. All these things are not perishable. If women want, they can do business by making it on weekends and selling it throughout the week. In this, they will also have a lot of profit and they will not have to take more time apart for this. Throughout the week, she can take orders from people and fulfil it on weekends and make some small income.

Women in their free time Side business This business can start as

2. Wall designing business

Women are very fond of designing the walls of their houses. She often makes her so beautiful by showing some creativity in the walls of her houses, that when someone comes to her house from outside, she too becomes very happy to see it. And asks them to design the walls of their house as well. Such women, who are very interested in doing this work, can show their creativity in others’ homes, not limited to their home. In return, she can also charge him some money. This can also earn a lot of money on their weekend days. You do not have to invest anything in it but only you have to show your creativity in it.

3. Making money by doing extra activities for children

Children are also free on weekends. They do not even have much of a burden of studies in these two. In such a situation, they become bored. Women can do business for some children to do various activities related to certain sports or other things besides studying on weekends. In this, they will have to gather some children and make some interesting events for them at their home so that the children will be happy. For this, she can call the children of her nearby society at her home. Women will also enjoy doing this work. Women can make some money for this from the parents of the children so that their income will be good.

Baby Sitting Business Even after doing this women can do good morning.

4. E-book author business

Some women are very fond of writing. She writes on a variety of subjects. Such as soft skill development, cooking and more, if they have a lot of knowledge about something quite interesting and they want to share it with more people. So she can publish it by writing a book of her own. By the way, this work has become online nowadays, yes nowadays people are fond of reading through the e-book. In such a situation, women can also remove their e-book and sell it through various shopping websites. If people like to buy their books and study, then they can have a much better income than this.

5. Gardening business

Gardening is also an option for women to do business on weekends. Some women like gardening a lot. Women can do this business on weekends by visiting people’s homes. In this, they have to provide better service to their clients. Such as planting saplings, cuttings etc. and also the work was done during gardening. By doing all these things, she can make a good morning.

Business ideas for farmers There are also different ways by which they can increase their income.

So these were some of the business done by women on weekends. By which women can do, they can earn a lot of extra money and can create a new identity of themselves.


Q: What do women do on weekends?

Ans: Businesses showing their choice and talent.

Q: What kind of business can women do on weekends?

Ans: For making hand made products, gardening and wall designing.

Q: What business are started on weekends?

Ans: Yes yes This makes a very good morning.

Q: How to start a women business on weekends?

Ans: Women choose business as per their liking on weekends and start working on it.

Q: How much can women earn by doing business on weekends?

Ans: It depends on the type of business

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