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Know How To Take Care of Young Buffalo

Agriculture Information: Care of goblin buffalo Ghabin animals are more sensitive than other animals. Because there are many types of hormonal changes. A cow gives a baby in 9 months 9 days of being a buffalo. Therefore, it is important to know the date when the animal becomes pregnant. According to Gauri Chandratre Adray Prakash, scientist Renu Singh of the Department of Veterinary Pathology of Lala Lajpat Rai Veterinary Animal Sciences University, Hisar, animal owners should take care of many important things.

Care of pregnant buffaloes Agriculture Information

Gestation is the time from conception to buffalo calving. The gestation period in buffalo ranges from 310–315 days. The first recognition of conception is the closure of the Madachakra in the buffalo, but in some buffaloes, due to being a cool item, awareness is not properly detected. Therefore, the reintroduction of buffalo to the item around the 21st day of conception is a sign of pregnancy.

This is how to take care of the animal after calving: –

After feeding, clean the animal with a cloth soaked in lukewarm water, feed the animal with carbohydrates containing feed after feeding. Cook the animal by cooking wheat porridge, dry ginger, jaggery parsley. Contact veterinarian for 10 hours after calving. Push the jer into the Tunga pit.

  • Two months after fertilization, check the animal’s womb with a veterinarian.
  • The fetus develops slowly in the first three months. Therefore, in these three months, there is no need for much change in the food system. The amount of mineral salt protein should be increased slightly.
  • Increase the amount of protein, vitamin and mineral salts in fodder cattle for three to six months.
  • Keep the cattle in a clean and hygienic environment and clean them daily at the said place.
  • Give digestive protein, 10 to 12 grams of calcium, 7-8 grams of phosphorus and vitamins to a six-month-old animal.
  • Add calcium carbonate to the grain to replenish calcium.
  • There should be peace in the place where the animal is kept.
  • Let the wild animal be run unnecessarily, only to get it exercised.
  • Stop milking the pregnant animal 60 days before calving.
  • Where the animal has been kept, the standing and sitting of the animal should be the right place, the floor of the animal house should be smooth and sloping.
  • Give 25 to 30 kg green fodder, two to four kg dry fodder, two to three kilograms of grain and 50 grams of salt daily to a cow or buffalo.
  • Separate the cabins from other animals about two weeks before the animal is killed. Provide good quality quick digestion by mixing bran flax in all four.
  • Many times the milk is excreted before the calves of the animal, in this case, extract the milk of the animal.
  • Protect the cattle from heat, cold and rain.
  • Change the laying of animals daily.

What should be the nutritional management –

If there is any shortage of food at this time so The following problems may occur.

  • The child is born weak and can also remain blind.
  • Buffalo can show flowers.
  • Milk fever may occur after delivery.
  • Jer can stop.
  • There may be pus in the uterus and milk production of the bean can also decrease significantly.

Agriculture Information: The main fact of caring for the goblin buffalo is that apart from providing live milk and milk to the buffalo, it also requires nutrients and energy for the development of the child. The baby grows most during the last three months of pregnancy. Therefore buffalo need more nutritious food in the eighth, ninth and tenth months. At the same time, the buffalo increases its weight to provide good milk in the next vantha and also fulfills the nutritional deficiency that occurred in the last vyant.

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