US: Former intelligence adviser compares 'hacking' with 'nuclear weapons', warning - soon 50 million will be targeted, not 50 thousand

US: Former intelligence adviser compares ‘hacking’ with ‘nuclear weapons’, warning – soon 50 million will be targeted, not 50 thousand

Edward Snowden said that if the sale of this technology is not stopped, then in the coming time its target will be 50 million, not 50,000 thousand.

Edward Snowden warned (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Edward Snowden has warned that governments should impose a global crackdown on the international spyware trade or face a world in which no mobile phone can be accessed by government hackers, in the wake of revelations about NSO Group clients. will not be safe. ‘The Guardian’ gave this information in its report. Edward Snowden, a former computer intelligence adviser to the US National Security Agency (NSA), has said that the smartphone is ‘more dangerous than a spy in your pocket’.

In the wake of revelations about customers of the Israeli group NSO, whose Pegasus software was used to hack mobile phones for espionage purposes, Snowden said the consortium’s results showed “how commercial malware has led to repressive regimes”. Made it possible to keep a lot more people under surveillance in the most aggressive way.

In the coming time, the target will be 50 million

In order to bug traditional police action or wiretap a suspect’s phone, law enforcement agencies would have to ‘break into someone’s home or get into someone’s car or enter someone’s office and for that they have There should be a warrant.’ He said that if he can do the same thing without going anywhere, at low cost and without any risk, then he would like to do it all the time and against everyone.

He warned that if you do not do anything to stop the sales of this technology, it will not only target 50,000, but its target is going to be 50 million and it is going to grow much faster than we expected. Snowden said that commercial malware like Pegasus is so powerful that there was nothing ordinary people could do to stop it.

compared to nuclear weapons

When asked how people can protect themselves, he said what can people do to protect themselves from nuclear weapons? He said that there are some industries and sectors from which no protection can be done and hence we try to limit the spread of these technologies. We do not allow the commercial market for nuclear weapons.

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