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Landlord not willing to sell at Govt rate, obstructing the sale of actor Dilip Kumar’s ancestral house in Pakistan

Pakistan has declared the ancestral home of famous Bollywood actor Dilip Kumar and late actor Raj Kapoor as national homes. But the Imran Khan government of Pakistan is not left with enough repulsion to be able to price its national houses properly. The Imran government fixed the ancestral accommodation rates of both veteran actors only last month, but now their sales have been hampered. In fact, the current owners of the ancestral houses of these two actors have refused to sell them at the rate fixed by the Government of Pakistan.

Let us tell you that the ancestral residence of Dilip Kumar is in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The price of this house spread over four marla i.e. 101 square meters has been fixed by the Government of Pakistan at 80.56 lakh rupees. A marla is equal to 25.2929 square meters i.e. 272.25 square feet. But its current owner Haji Lal Muhammad has refused to sell the house at this rate. Haji Lal Muhammad said that he would sell this house for 25 crores rupees and not at the rate fixed by the government. He has said that the price fixed by the government is very low. The Authority has underestimated its value.

Bought a house for 51 lakh rupees

Haji Lal Muhammad has said that he bought this property in the year 2005 for 51 lakh rupees. Also, they had to get the papers related to this house ready. He further said that even after 16 years, the government has decided to price only 80.56 lakh rupees. Property prices are very high in the area where this house is. Where a Marla costs 5 crores. In such a situation, the value of his house was 25 crores. He said that how can the house of 4 Marla be sold for 80 lakh rupees.

Same condition of Raj Kapoor’s residence

Earlier, the government had also fixed the price of the house of Bollywood actor Raj Kapoor at Rs 1.5 crore. But the owner of that house has demanded Rs 200 crore worth of his house of 6 Marla i.e. 151.75 square meters. Raj Kapoor’s house, also known as Kapoor Haveli, is located in Kissa Khwani Bazar, where Dilip Kumar’s ancestral home is. In January 2021, the state government of Khyber Pakhtun has approved a budget of 2.35 crore rupees for the purchase of these two historic houses. The state government has taken both these historic houses under conservation.

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