Corona cases increase even after vaccination, so is the vaccine not working?  British expert told what is the reason

Corona cases increase even after vaccination, so is the vaccine not working? British expert told what is the reason

Britain’s Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Wallace says that the vaccine is completely effective. Because of this, the number of people admitted to hospitals is less.

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Britain’s Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Wallace says that 40 percent of people hospitalized due to coronavirus in Britain have received both doses of the vaccine. He said that at first glance, it seems to be a very serious matter, but it is not. The vaccine is still working very well. There are many reasons that explain why the proportion of people infected with the disease is so high among people who are fully vaccinated.

Vallance said that the coronavirus vaccine is very effective, but it is not 100%. This in itself is not surprising – even the flu vaccine is not 100% effective. According to an estimate, each year in the US alone, the flu vaccine prevents millions of cases of illness, thousands of hospitalizations and thousands of deaths, he said. Corona vaccine is doing the same thing in Britain right now. All one has to do is compare this heat wave of disease with the winter wave.

The number of hospitalizations of infected patients in Britain is low

Sir Patrick Vallance said, as cases continue to rise, the number of hospitalizations and deaths is also increasing. But it is nowhere near the level it was in winter. He said, there was a time in the second half of 2020 when the rate of UK cases was the same as it is now. About 3,800 people were being hospitalized with Covid each day. He said, now this average is around 700. Although we did not want this to happen so much, but it is much less than the last time when many people were infected with the infection.

Vaccine is working completely on people

The Chief Scientific Adviser said, “COVID is also increasing among vaccinated people as the number of people taking both doses in the UK continues to increase.” 88 percent of UK adults had received the first dose and 69 percent had received the second dose. He said, as more and more population will be vaccinated. There will be an increase in the relative proportion of people infected with COVID who have received both the doses.

Vallance said, now if we imagine that 100 percent of the population has been vaccinated with both doses, then all the people who are hospitalized with the infection of COVID or the number of people who die, they will have received both the doses. This does not mean that the vaccine is not working. This simply means that the work of applying the vaccine is going very well.

After the vaccination of the elderly, the risk of getting infected is now less.

Sir Vallance said that we also need to remember that when implementing the vaccine program in the UK, adequate arrangements have been made that the people most at risk from COVID should be vaccinated first. He said, in view of the higher risk of COVID infection among older people and victims of diseases, they were vaccinated earlier. Once vaccinated, these people (including me) are now at a much lower risk of contracting covid than those without vaccination, but there is still a risk.

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