China: Man tried to enter Indian embassy to avoid isolation, Chinese officials were seen running to catch

China: Man tried to enter Indian embassy to avoid isolation, Chinese officials were seen running to catch

China Coronavirus: Due to the delta variant of the corona virus in China, there has been a sudden increase in cases, due to which it has tightened the rules related to isolation. To avoid this rule, a person tried to enter the Indian embassy.

Man Tries to Enter in Indian Diplomatic Mission – symbolic picture

China Coronavirus News: A French citizen on Thursday tried to enter the high-security diplomatic area at the embassies of several other countries, including India, in an attempt to avoid isolation after visiting areas moderately affected by COVID-19 in China. While doing so created a situation of chaos. During this, Chinese health officials wearing PPE kits were trying to catch him.

After receiving information about the foreign national not following the rules of isolation, he was not allowed to enter the French embassy in Liangma Qiao, after which he tried to enter the embassies of Malaysia, Israel and India, under whose security China’s security Military personnel are deployed (China Coronavirus Update). After much effort, the Chinese authorities finally caught him near the Indian Embassy. The roads were closed for some time so he could not escape.

The person had returned from the affected areas

Passers-by made a video of this entire incident, which was seen many times on social media. After this, the Indian Embassy immediately issued a notice on social media groups of the Indian community, dismissing reports of Chinese authorities apprehending someone from the mission (Coronavirus Situation in China). The notice said that the matter has been resolved and it was settled peacefully. According to the notice, the foreign national who has been caught was not infected with the corona virus, but had recently visited areas affected by the infection.

China has tightened the rules of isolation

The person did not want to follow the instructions to be in isolation. Due to the increasing cases of ‘Delta Variant in China’ of COVID-19 in China, isolation rules have been tightened in Beijing and many other cities for those visiting the affected areas within the country. According to the National Health Commission of China, the number of infected people increased to 93,374 after 85 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in the country on Wednesday. At present, 1,285 people are undergoing treatment for corona virus infection in the country. So far 4,636 people have died due to infection in China.

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