Came by scooter... parked and then single-handedly robbed Paris's iconic jewelry store, a loss of more than 26 crores

Came by scooter, parked and then robbed Paris’s iconic jewelry store, a loss of more than 26 crores

France News: In the midst of increasing crimes in France, reports of looting from the capital Paris have come to the fore. In a jewelery store here, a person single-handedly robbed goods worth 26 crores. The search for which has now started.

Jewelry Shop Looted by Man in France – Symbolic Image

Jewellery Store Looted by Man: A surprising case has come to light in Paris, the capital of France. A robber who came here with a weapon single-handedly robbed the Chaumet jewelry shop. The accused, who came by scooter, robbed jewelery worth more than Rs 26 crore. The incident took place at around 5 pm on the 27th. Surprisingly, such a huge robbery has been carried out by a single person. According to local media reports, the accused threatened the people working in the store using his weapon and asked them to hand over all the jewellery.

He took all this stuff sitting on a scooter. According to the local newspaper, the accused brought the weapon in the afternoon and left in his two-wheeler carrying all the jewellery. Police has started investigation in the matter. Although the police have not issued any warning regarding the initial estimate (Jewellery Stores Paris France Loot). Chaumet is a big brand from Paris and was established in the year 1780.

Rs 16 crore looted in 2009

How famous this jewelery shop is, you can guess from the fact that people buy jewelery from here even to go to big events like Met Gala. Earlier in the year 2009 there was a robbery (Loot in Paris Jewelery Store). At that time, jewelery worth more than Rs 16 crore was stolen from here. Chaumet also has its own boutique on New Bond Street. This store is located in the luxury shopping place of London. Crime has been increasing rapidly in France for some time now.

robbery happened two years ago also

In the month of June 2019, another jewelry store in Paris was robbed in broad daylight. At that time two dacoits had stolen all the jewelery by assaulting the manager of the store (Crimes in France). This entire incident was captured in the security camera. which were already installed in the store. Two armed robbers had assaulted the manager and broke the display boxes. While people standing outside the store were watching this incident. Jewelery worth at least Rs 1.5 crore was stolen from the store.

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