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Monday, December 6, 2021

Xiaomi’s Crowdfunded HiPee Smart Health Neck Ring Launched To Eliminate Neck And Shoulder Pain

As the use of smartphones has increased, at the same time, the problems related to posture have also increased in people. People stay in one position for hours while running the phone. Smartphone in hand, sloping neck and full pressure on the spine and neck. It is also pushing people, especially youth and children, towards the cervical spine. It is possible that people suffering from neck and shoulder pain will not have to face this problem due to gadgets in the coming days. Xiaomi Youpin has launched a new product HiPee Smart Health Neck Ring under crowdfunding. This smart neckband improves your posture by monitoring it 24 hours a day. This gives relief from the problem of back pain.

People who sit in the wrong position and keep their head down excessively often feel dizzy. HiPee Smart Health Neck Ring helps people to correct wrong posture. This is great for those who want to sit in the right posture, but don’t have a guide all the time. The HyPi Smart Health Neckband has developed an AI algorithm that senses posture change in 360 degrees on the front, back, left and right. It performs real-time monitoring and alerts the user in case of unintentional bending while using the smartphone or while playing.

Xiaomi universe Has shared information related to this. This neckband also has somatosensory games, so that people can exercise while playing games. It can recognize body movements through the motion present in the spine. Can monitor a person’s banding direction and tilt angle of the spine and can also link somatosensory games to it.


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