Big discovery in Italy, wreckage of 2200-year-old ship found at a depth of 302 feet in the sea, ancient jars of wine also recovered

Roman Shipwreck: Archaeologists in Italy have made a big discovery. Here they have found the wreckage of a thousand-year-old ship, which was used to transport liquor from one place to another. This wine was kept in a jar.

Shipwreck and Ancient Jars (Roman Shipwreck With Wine Jars) Photo – Regions Sicilia

Roman Shipwreck in Italy: Archaeologists have discovered the wreckage of a 2,200-year-old ancient Roman shipwreck off the coast of Italy’s Sicilia region. Which was used to transport wine and olive oil. According to the statement issued by the region of Sicilia, the wreckage of the ship dates back to the 2nd century BC. It has been discovered in the Mediterranean Sea at a depth of 92 m (302 ft) near Isola delle Femin (Roman Shipwreck Found Off the Coast of Sicily). According to the statement, researchers are able to find out how old it is, especially at what time the wine is.

Officials say this is the most important of the searches made in recent months (Roman Shipwreck Database). Amphor is called that ancient jar, which has two vertical handles. They were used in ancient times to transport wine and olive oil. According to world history, goods were transported from the Phoenicians to the Romans. The Italian newspaper La Stampa states that the wine trade in Sicilia was a very profitable deal and that most entrepreneurs worked at that time.

Caesar’s name associated with ancient wine

The wine of that time was called Mamartino. Which was so famous that it attracted the attention of even (Julius) Caesar (Roman dictator). Caesar presented it to visitors (What is the Oldest Shipwreck Found) on the occasion of the festive feast of his third consulate (46 BC). According to the Italian newspaper Palermo Today, the task of the superintendent of the Sicilia region is to protect the historical and natural objects found in the island’s waters. So far, many historical things related to water trade have been revealed.

Ship wreckage was also found in 2012

Valeria Le Vigny, the expedition’s leader and superintendent of the seas for Sicilia, says the discovery shows that there are many archaeological remains in the sea. Due to which we are being encouraged to continue our research in the deep sea. This will also keep getting good results (Ancient Roman Shipwreck). The wreckage of the ship has been discovered in Italy even before this. In 2012, divers found the wreckage of a 2,000-year-old ship. This wreckage was found in the city of Varaze in the province of Liguria, which is believed to be a Roman-era commercial ship.

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