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What is a URL and How Does Full Form GK?

What is a URL and how it works: If you work with a website or know about it, then you will need to know what is the URL Full Form. How does that work But there are many people who must be working with any website or trying to know about what this URL is and how it works, then today let us tell you what it would be And how it works.

What is a URL and how does it work

Full form of URL Uniform resources locator it happens. URL A web address or domain name This is an address of a specific file, directory or page of a website. For example Рhttps://www.investpolicy.com/ This is called URL. The address of the website usually represents the home page of the website. The address protocol of any website starts with the domain name and ends with the domain code, as we use the URL word mostly when using the Internet, only on the world wide web. The URL is It would not be correct to say that URLs can also point to a local network resource. Like- Database, Locally Hosted and Website etc.

Who discovered the URL?

Now you must have known what the URL is, so now also know who discovered it. Actually, it was discovered by Tim Berner Lee in the year 1914.

How many parts of a URL are there?

URLs consist of three parts. The URL is divided into three parts.

1). Protocol Designation
2). Address or Host Name
3). Resource location means a file

How does the URL work?

The URL is also called Uniform Resource Locator. Every domain name has a unique IP address (Ip Address), which is numerical. Like- www.google.com’s IP address is, so as soon as we type the URL of a website in our browser then our browser converts that URL into the IP address of that domain name with the help of DNS and Goes to the website we searched.

Use of characters in URLs

Any valid URL string (Valid URL String) can contain characters such as Alphanumeric Characters and! $ -_ + ‘(), but space is not allowed.

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