REVIEW: Try these smart audio sunglasses from Xertz Carbon XZ01 and forget the earbuds, know the price and features

REVIEW: Try these smart audio sunglasses from Xertz Carbon XZ01 and forget the earbuds, know the price and features

The hidden speakers in the Xertz Carbon XZ01 Smart Audio Sunglasses direct the music to your ear. This product is quite innovative in itself and the demand for such products can be seen a lot in future.

Xertz Carbon XZ01

If we talk about audio wearables, then in today’s time all the companies are constantly introducing new products. Whether it is about earbuds or earphones, companies are constantly launching innovative products. In such a situation, we have also got such a great product which has been sent by England based startup Xertz. This Xertz product is a smart audio sunglasses named Xertz Carbon XZ01.

The look of this smart sunglasses is very good and the hidden speakers present in it directly transmit the music to your ear. But is it really worth buying or are these smart sunglasses really better for you in terms of features and other things? Learn about each and every feature and drawback of this product and then decide for yourself whether you should buy it or not…

How does the Xertz Carbon XZ01 look?

The price of this smart audio sunglasses from Xertz is Rs 9,999. Its design is quite impressive and its look and feel is completely like premium sunglasses. It is in angular style and is unisex which means it can be worn by anyone. Talking about its arms, they are a bit thick but that does not make it uncomfortable to wear. Even after wearing it for a long time, I did not face any kind of discomfort in it. The lenses in it are UVA/UVB resistant but not polarized. Along with this, IP67 rating has been given in it which makes it water resistant.

The Xertz Carbon XZ01 is very comfortable to wear and you can wear it for a long time without any problem. This smart sunglasses is made exactly like regular sunglasses and its packaging is quite amazing. These sunglasses come with a great case which is capable of protecting it from any kind of damage.

How is the Xertz Carbon XZ01 in terms of connectivity and control

This smart audio sunglasses can be turned on easily. You will find a gold button on its right and left temples, which can be easily turned on or off. With this, you can skip or pause the song, control the volume, take calls and even activate the virtual assistant with this button.

Its microphone works very well during calls and listening to audio and better audio can be obtained from it even in noisy noise. It gets standard Bluetooth audio and we tried it with smartphones like iPhone 11, Samsung F62 and iPhone 6s in which we got better connectivity. However, due to the lack of any built-in companion app support, you cannot control the EQ and settings of this headphone, which also disappointed me.

Features of Xertz Carbon XZ01

As we have already told you that its arms are a bit thick but the company has made it thick for some reason. Actually, the battery has been fitted in both its arms which is of 110-110 mAh i.e. you will get a total of 220mAh battery. To charge it, a custom magnetic pogo pin has been given in both the arms, which can be charged with the help of a charging cable. According to the information given by the company, it can be fully charged in 2 hours. According to the company, it has 5 hours of music playtime at 100 percent.
given but we got a little more than 4 hours of playtime.

How is the sound quality of Xertz Carbon XZ01

The Xertz Carbon XZ01 is a great concept in terms of concept and we may see many more such products in the future. Not only do they let you listen to music and control the voice assistant, but with your ears open, you can also hear the sounds around you. Offering high-quality stereo speakers inside the sunglasses is unique in itself and these speakers are fitted over the ear of the listener. This means that any music speaker will go directly into your ear through the grills.

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Xertz Carbon XZ01

Your experience may be different in terms of sound quality, but we did not face any problem in listening to any kind of music, watching videos or playing games with it. However, if you are already using high quality earbuds or AirPods with better active noise cancellation, then you may be disappointed because it does not get bass at high volume so you will have to listen to music only in the mid range. Along with this, you will also hear the sound around in it, so you may be a little disturbed by that but we had a lot of fun using it.

Can customize according to your

Let us tell you that the Xertz Carbon XZ01 is available in two different styles, one is Carbon and Elite style. Similar features are available in both these smart sunglasses, although their design is different. Comes with Elite style anti-blue light lens. But you can also buy the Carbon XZ01 with an anti-blue light lens. One thing that may bother you a bit is that Xertz does not offer any kind of prescription lens in it yet but the company has said that the lenses in the Xertz Carbon XZ01 are replaceable and you can get it replaced anywhere. Huh. You can buy these smart audio sunglasses from the e-commerce platform and the website of Xertz.

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