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How to Connect Bluetooth Earphone/Speaker to Computer

How to connect Bluetooth / Wireless earphone or speaker to Computer / Laptop? Bluetooth Speaker and Bluetooth Earphones have become quite popular these days. Both these things easily connect with the smartphone, due to which people have a lot of conveniences. Because these people do not need any wire to connect them to their phones. But this is not usually done on a computer or laptop. Many people still use wired speakers and earphone/headphone in computers and laptops. But you can use Bluetooth Speaker on your computer and laptop.

How to connect Bluetooth Speaker and Earphone to computer?

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PC Your computer or laptop must have Bluetooth to connect them. Usually, this feature comes in laptop but not on the computer. If you want to use Bluetooth in a computer, then you have to get a Bluetooth device with the help of which you will be able to do Pairing with any Bluetooth. To pair a Bluetooth device, you should also know which operating system your computer or laptop is working on. People are currently using two Windows versions. Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Windows 10 Bluetooth Settings

In Windows 10 you have to go to the Action Center and click on All set. After this, you have to click on Bluetooth on the left side. After this, you have to turn on Bluetooth. In order to pair another device, you have to click on Add Bluetooth or another device after turning it on. In this, you have to do another Device Search.

You must have clicked your Bluetooth device in Pairing Mode. After this, you will see a list of Bluetooth devices present. You can click on the device you want to connect and connect.

Windows 7

Windows 7 has different procedures for making Bluetooth Connection. In order to turn on Bluetooth, you first have to go to your Windows C Drive. Here you have to go to the Windows folder. After this, go to System 32 Folder and search FSQUIRT. A Bluetooth icon will appear in front of you. Copy and paste this icon on your computer desktop.

After this, go to the website of the same company which is your computer and download the Bluetooth driver according to your OS. After downloading it, you have to install it. And then click that Bluetooth icon. Your Bluetooth will work.

In this way, you can connect the Bluetooth device to your Device. By doing this, you can connect your computer or laptop directly to the Bluetooth Speaker or to the Bluetooth earphone. You do not need to install any wire or any audio jack to use them.

Keep in mind that if you have a desktop, then you may have some difficulty in turning on Bluetooth because the desktop does not have a Bluetooth device, for this you will have to take a separate Bluetooth Adapter for PC which will make your Desktop Computer Bluetooth inbuilt. But if you have a laptop, you will be able to do it easily.


Q. Wireless at home Bluetooth How to make home theatre?

A. Home Theater, then all of you will have someone big, someone, small. There will be many of you in your home theatre Bluetooth Is not. In such a home theatre, when you want to listen to the songs of your choice, then you have to plug your phone into the audio cable and when work is done, then you read to remove the phone from it. It is all very annoying.

How to make wireless home theatre Now to get rid of this problem, either you change your home theatre or face the same problem. By the way, it costs a lot to change the home theatre. Another solution to overcome this problem is that you can easily make your home theatre a Bluetooth home theatre without changing the home theatre.

Q.What is needed to build a Wireless Home Theater

A. Device for Bluetooth Home Theatre: To convert a normal-looking home theatre to a wireless home theatre, it is necessary to have an audio output cable and a USB slot in your home theatre, because, with the help of these two things, you can make your normal-looking home theatre wireless. Bluetooth Cloud will be found in the home theatre.

Q.What does Bluetooth Audio USB Receiver do?

A. Bluetooth Audio Receiver: To make Home Theater wireless, you will need a device that you can buy either online or offline. Name of this device Bluetooth audio USB Reciever. It can cost you between Rs 100 and Rs 300.

Q. How to connect Bluetooth in Home Theatre?

A. How to Connect Bluetooth in Home Theatre: In this device, you are given two ports, one is 3.5 mm audio jack and the other is a USB drive. To connect this device, first of all, you have to put a cable in it through which you used to play songs of your mobile in the home theatre. After this, you plug the USB drive portion into the USB Slot of your home theatre.

After doing both these tasks, you have to search your device by turning on Bluetooth from your mobile. Pairing the Bluetooth and then your wireless is done Bluetooth Gonna home theatre.


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