Home Top Stories Kumari Priyanka of village without electricity, mobile connectivity cracked UPSC exam

Kumari Priyanka of village without electricity, mobile connectivity cracked UPSC exam

Kumari Priyanka of village without electricity, mobile connectivity cracked UPSC exam

Cracking the UPSC exam is not an easy task, especially for those who come from a pathetic background. Despite dedicating many years to preparation and taking additional classes, many aspirants fail to pass the civil service exam.

But once again youth from time and poor backgrounds have proved that no financial crisis or adversity can stop them from achieving their goals.

Kumari Priyanka, 28, has also proved that with hard work and determination, anything can be achieved.

Coming from a small village in Rampur, Uttarakhand, Priyanka used to help her father in her farm after school since childhood, according to The Logical Indian report. Even today, her small mud house is cut off from many basic facilities like electricity and mobile connectivity and can be reached by trekking 15 km from Deol village.

Despite these difficulties, she has passed the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination in her first attempt.

Face challenges

From helping her father Dewan Ram on the farm and supplying water through irrigation systems to harvesting the produce, Priyanka used to spend her time in her father’s farm in a remote village in Uttarakhand.

Later, she shifted to a town called Gopeshwar, 115 km away from her home and started teaching around 40 students to earn extra income.

she told the media,

“Rampur did not have good schools. I attended primary school there, then moved to Junior High School (about 1-2 km from Rampur) in Toporti. After classes, I went to the farm to help my father. This was our only source of income. “

According to a report by Femina, after her 10th grade exams, Priyanka left to get her higher education from Government Girls Inter College in Gopeshwar. she completed her Bachelor of Arts from the same institution. Subsequently, she went to Dehradun to pursue a law degree at DAV College.

Due to frequent power cuts and lack of mobile connectivity in her village, Priyanka was not even able to share her joy of passing the exams with her family for two days.

After climbing a hill for mobile connectivity, two days after the results were announced, she was able to talk to her father to father on 5 August.

Priyanka said,

“The difficulties made me stronger. I have seen a lot in life. When things get tough, I often want to feel. But I would pull myself up every time. Now I know that I can use the platform I have achieved to improve things for others like me. ”

Despite all odds, Priyanka succeeded in achieving her goal of joining the Indian Civil Services through sheer will. Today, she has emerged as an inspiration to many youngsters who want to crack UPSC.


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