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Good news for railway passengers! Many trains are starting from January 6, check your route

Normal operation of trains has been closed since 22 March 2020 last year due to Corona epidemic

Due to the Corona epidemic (COVID-19 Pandemic), the normal operation of trains has been stopped since 22 March 2020 last year and special trains are being run at this time. Now the railway is starting an exercise to run these trains again. The railway is starting operations of some passenger trains from 6 January. These MEMU passenger trains will start between Bardhaman-Hatia, Asansol-Ranchi and Asmsol-Bokaro Steel City. A special train will also be started between Gorakhpur to Mailani. Apart from this, some trains are also being started between Kanpur to Kasganj. Trains will also be run between Lucknow to Kathgodam. Some trains have also been canceled and routes of some have also been canceled. The canceled and diverted trains are going to pass through Punjab.

Operation of these MEMU passenger trains is 6 Jan. Starting from

Eastern Railway is also starting operations of some MEMU passenger trains. Their list is as follows. These passenger trains will be run every day.

  • Train 63503 Bardhaman-Hatia Memu Passenger operations will start from tomorrow. This passenger train will open Bardhaman daily from 06:35 am and will reach Hatia at 05:30 pm. The opening time of the train 63504 from Hatia is 8:10 am and the time to reach Bardhaman is 8:30 pm. The operation of this train from Hatia will start from January 7.
  • Train 63598/63597 Asansol-Ranchi-Asansol Memu Passenger will start operations from January 6 tomorrow. Train 63598 Asansol-Ranchi Memu Passenger will leave Asansol at 5 am tomorrow and reach Ranchi at 11:50 pm. Train 63597 will run from Ranchi tomorrow at 12:55 pm and reach Asansol at 06:30 pm.
  • Train 63596/56595 Asansol-Bokaro Steel City-Asansol Memu Passenger will start from tomorrow. Train 63596 will start from Asansol at 6:00 pm and reach Bokaro Steel City at 11:10 pm. Train 63595 will open from Bokaro Steel City at 3:35 am the next day and reach Asansol at 08:50 am.

Special train between Gorakhpur to Mailani till 31 January

North-Eastern Railway has decided to run the Gorakhpur-Mailani-Gorakhpur Express train from 05 January 2021 to 05009/05010. The train will open from 05009 Gorakhpur tomorrow night from 10:20 and then will reach Malani at 12:15 pm the next day via Siddharth Nagar, Gonda, Barabanki, Lucknow City and Lakhimpur. Train 05010 from Mailani will start at 05:30 pm and reach Gorakhpur by 06:45 am the next day. This train will run till 31 January.

Trains will start from Lucknow to Kathgodam

Train 05046 will run from Lucknow to Kathgodam on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday from January 6 to January 31. This train will leave Lucknow at 11:25 pm and reach Kathgodam at 8:05 am the next day via Bareilly, Pantnagar, Haldwani. In return, train 05044 will be run from Kathgodam to Lucknow on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from January 7 to January 31. Train 05044 will leave Kathgodam at 11:45 pm and reach Lucknow at 07:20 pm.

Some trains will run between Kanpur to Kasganj

Starting from January 6, North Eastern Railway train 05038/05037 Kasganj-Kanpur Anwarganj-Kasganj special train is starting. It will run until 1 February 2021. This train will leave Kasganj at 01:05 pm and reach Kanpur Anwarganj at 06:30 in the evening via Farrukhabad, Kannauj. In return, this train will leave Kanpur Anwarganj at 11:10 pm and reach Kasganj at 04:30 in the evening.

Apart from this, train 05040/05039 special train will be run from tomorrow till 31 January. Train 05040 will leave Kasganj from 09:00 am and reach Kanpur Anwarganj at 03:10 in the afternoon via Farrukhabad, Fatehgarh and Kannauj. In return, this train will leave Kanpur-Anwarganj at 02:30 in the afternoon and reach Kasganj at 09:05.

Cancelled or partially cancelled trains

  • Train 05612 Amritsar-Darbhanga Express special train will be canceled on January 6.
  • Train 02716 Amritsar-Nanded Express will open from New Delhi on January 6 tomorrow. This train usually opens from Amritsar.
  • Train 09025 Bandra Terminus-Amritsar Express will open from Chandigarh tomorrow on January 6, while usually this train opens from Amritsar.
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