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Coronavirus Vaccine: Johnson & Johnson’s single dose corona vaccine 66% effective

The American people may soon get an effective vaccine (Coronavirus Vaccine) against another corona. A single dose of the Corona vaccine, prepared by American drugmaker Johnson & Johnson, has been found to be 66% effective in preventing mild and severe illnesses during global trials. Johnson & Johnson’s much-awaited vaccine protects against corona infection in one dose, although it is not as strong as the two-dose vaccine, it is still helpful in getting the world the vaccine it needs. The corona vaccine trial results were released on Friday.

The company said on Friday that a single dose of the Corona vaccine in the US and seven other countries was 66% effective in cases of moderate to severe illness. According to the statement, its impact in different areas was different. The vaccine worked better in the US where it was 72% effective in severe cases of the corona, while in South Africa it was 57% effective. J & J’s global head of research, Dr. Mithai Mammon, told the news agency The Associated Press that gambling at a dose was actually profitable. Experts are placing more emphasis on one dose, given the barriers encountered in the path of vaccination all over the world.

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The company said that it will apply for emergency use in the US within a week and then will be applied abroad. It expects to supply 100 million doses in the US by June. Also, the company hopes that as soon as it is approved by the authorities, it will start sending its consignments out as well. These are preliminary findings, drawn from research conducted on 44,000 volunteers and the study is not yet complete. Experts say that given the two doses being 95% effective, the question is whether low-dose supplements will be acceptable.

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