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Convicted who killed his wife by stinging him with a cobra, know how the police solved the Uthra murder case

Uthra Murder Case: A court in Kollam, Kerala on Monday convicted a man of killing his wife by getting bitten by a cobra snake. The Kerala police chief described it as the rarest case where the accused was exposed on the basis of circumstantial evidence. The man hatched a very frightening conspiracy to take the life of his wife. He made a plan to kill his wife by stinging her with a poisonous snake cobra and took her life.

The court convicted Suraj, a man, of killing his 23-year-old wife Uthra in her sleep in May last year by getting her bitten by a cobra. The Sixth Additional Sessions Court in Kollam said his sentence would be announced on Wednesday, October 13. The man tried his best to call it just an accident, but it did not take long for his dangerous conspiracy to be exposed.

With the help of police and forensic experts, the layers of his conspiracy were exposed and the court convicted him. The accused can be sentenced to life imprisonment. Reacting to the court’s decision, state police chief Anil Kant said it was one of the rarest of rare cases in which an accused has been found guilty on the basis of circumstantial evidence.

Appreciating the police team that probed the case, he said it was a shining example of how the murder case was investigated and traced in a scientific and professional manner. In 2021, his 23-year-old wife Uthra was killed by a cobra in her sleep. The court will announce his sentence on Wednesday.

Uthra’s family got suspicious when Suraj tried to take over his property a few days after his wife’s death. Police say Sooraj was in the process of marrying someone else after getting his wife’s jewellery, cash and other assets. He had earlier tried to kill his wife through a poisonous snake in a similar way in February 2020, but then he failed.

The man had acquired this snake with the help of his friend Suresh. Then Uthra was hospitalized for a month after being bitten by a dangerous snake viper, but this time the cobra’s dangerous venom made her a victim. The matter was also mentioned by the Supreme Court. Regarding a similar case in Rajasthan, the court had said that nowadays the practice of taking the life of someone else with the help of snake catchers is coming to the fore.

Kerala Police Chief Anil Kant said that it was a very shocking case, the police had to work very hard to solve the mystery. Praising the Kollam police team, Kant said that this case is a perfect example of how a murder case can be put behind the bars if a murder case is investigated scientifically and professionally.

The police team worked hard in analyzing the forensic medicine, fiber data, animal DNA and other evidence to crack the case. Police said that to solve this murder case, we had studied three-four similar cases that had come up in Nagpur in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

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