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Bengaluru: Woman was in Coma for 5 years, hospital bill of 6 crores, know the whole matter

In a hospital in Bengaluru, a woman named Poonam has been hospitalized for the last 5 years. He was admitted to the hospital for abdominal pain. Today, he has been admitted to the hospital for more than 1,920 days. There is still no chance of Poonam getting discharged from the hospital or getting his health right. Poonam is currently in a coma.

Poonam’s case is one of the longest hospitalization stories in India. Poonam is undergoing treatment at the Manipal Hospital in Bangalore. The bill issued by Astpal is over 6 crores. Poonam’s medical summary is about 11 pages. There are more than 20 doctors in this summary who have treated Poonam in the last 5 years. Poonam’s treatment bill is also about 4 pages.

Poonam, 35, is on Vegetative State. She can walk and talk very hard today. Five years ago, the team of doctors asked Poonam’s family to take her home, but Poonam’s family still hopes that if Poonam is treated properly, she can go right to her home. Poonam’s relatives say they have not received the help of public representatives, bodies and the government in this matter.

The family has accused the hospital

Poonam’s family has blamed the hospital for Poonam’s condition. Her husband Rajesh Nair blames the hospital for Poonam’s condition. Poonam’s husband says that on 3 October 2015, Poonam went to the hospital complaining of stomach ache and today what is her condition after 5 years.

Poonam’s family has paid Rs 1.34 crore so far for Poonam’s treatment. Her husband left jobs in companies such as IMB and Microsoft to treat his wife and today he is working as a consultancy.

News18 India has managed to get Poonam’s hospital bills medical summary. Her husband says that Poonam’s health was perfect. Poonam went to the hospital complaining of stomach ache. The doctors performed his surgery to prevent leakage in the bowels.

At the same time, something went wrong with the doctors, due to which Poonam has such a condition today. As soon as the hospitalists came to know that they have been caught in the wrong case, they have started making Poonam’s wrong medical summary which claimed that Poonam was in critical condition when she came to the hospital.

In October 2015, the hospital told us that Poonam would not be alive for more than 3 weeks but Poonam battled courageously and falsified the hospital’s claims each time. Initially, she also came out of the coma.

Hospital claims challenged

Poonam’s husband Rajesh Nair told that Poonam was coming out of the coma. His consciousness was constantly increasing. Now she was breathing properly with ventilator-support. We had got hope that now she can come out of ventilator-support soon. But suddenly the hospital stopped the drugs which had improved his health. His health started deteriorating again. Since then, he is facing many serious problems.

Nair said that there was no attempt from the hospital to correct Poonam’s health. Doctors told her 5 years ago that she would not survive, but she was still alive. Poonam’s health right now needs hospital treatment, we cannot treat her at home. Poonam’s father is an ex-soldier. He has been coming to the hospital every day for the last 5 years to see his daughter.

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Doctors demand investigation

News Network 18 spoke to several big doctors in the city on the matter. On the condition of anonymity, he expressed grief for being hospitalized for so long. The doctors described the case as rare. A senior doctor said that a woman who is between 20 and 40 years of age, has a stomach injury and is having leakage from her intestines, then it is corrected in 2 to 3 months. In this case, it cannot take 5 years. That too when we talk about a 35-year-old woman. He said that something has happened that is not right. There should be a higher investigation into the matter. This is a very rare case.

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