Apple is bringing a dual display MacBook, will wirelessly charge your iPhone with a virtual keyboard

Apple is bringing a dual display MacBook, will wirelessly charge your iPhone with a virtual keyboard

Apple filed the patent for this futuristic Mac Pro three years ago. Its most important thing is that, the base which will be its base will be a fully touch screen display on which you can charge by keeping the iPhone.

This MacBook technology can shake the laptop market

Apple has won a major patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office for its MacBook that could inspire the company’s future generation laptops. The patent shows a MacBook with two displays, a virtual keyboard and technology to wirelessly charge an iPhone. Apple filed this patent three years ago, where it was recently granted. A strong design of the Next MacBook is seen in Apple’s patent, on which the company is currently working.

Patently, all the patents that have been spotted by Apple can see many changes, which include the virtual keyboard. Apple has said that it will remove Touchbar Pro from MacBook Pro. But it can be seen in this patent that the company is planning to remove the entire physical keyboard here. In such a situation, you will also get a secondary display on the MacBook. With the help of the display, you can type like you do on the screen of the smartphone.

However, Apple will not be the only one to use this technology. Asus has already made use of the virtual keyboard by bringing the secondary display to its laptop. It has been shown in the patent that the secondary display of the MacBook will act as the base and since it is a touchscreen, then anything can be guessed. Apple can add emoji panel, game controller, trackpad to virtual screen here. The virtual keypad and trackpad of the MacBook can be adjusted by the user.



Apple is also talking here about the biometric solution in this MacBook. The patent shows that the MacBook can come with either Touch ID or Face ID. The company will place this sensor on the left side of the MacBook. At the same place, you will be able to easily charge your phone by keeping it which will be completely wireless. Notably, all flagship iPhone models support wireless charging.

However, let us tell you here that, this is only a patent and no information has been revealed from the company about this MacBook so far. Apple has always been filing different types of patents, but this is never seen in reality. If Apple even thinks of doing this, then it can take a lot of time for the user. But for now, Apple is only working on the next generation MacBook Pro, which will have a MIX processor, more ports, and a mini LED display.

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