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An app that helps me to pay by creators for their creativity.

Kayle, co-founder of MemeChat

With the advent of social media, the popularity of Internet mimes took flight as netizens started sharing photo and video mimes on every subject they could think of. Be it deep humor or intense humor, political or social, mimes have become an inseparable part of our virtual lives, especially for millennials and GenZ. But do you know that you can be paid to make meem? MemeCat Enter into, a novel solution to help you reach the best creators Self-reliant India App Innovation Challenge Was among the winners.

Launched in the summer of 2019 by Taran Channa and Kyle Fernandes, two 22-year-old friends MemeChat enables people to express themselves as meme, and even get paid for it.


The duo graduated from Computer Science in 2020 from SRM University and have been developers since the age of 15. While they were studying in Delhi Public School (Gurugram), they met each other and started working with their mutual interest in the field of software and technology.

He was a full stack engineer who worked on a freelance basis and claims to have received a YC Fellowship.

He first came up with the idea of ​​a mime-making platform at the age of fifteen.

How the platform works

More than a year after starting, they have been able to rake more than half a million users on their platforms.

They also work with brands (FMCG and other industries) to access the best mimes created in the network and use them to promote their products. The brands then pay meam creators. This B2B2C model has set its sights on a big future for startups.

Kyle says

“Our business model is based on the fact that we use user-generated feedback and promote user-generated content. The content we receive relates to different brands, and be it a TV show or product / service We get brands. And then promote this kind of user-generated content. We keep some of the revenue that we get from these brands and give back a portion to the users so that they can also create content Be more busy. “

Users can create memes using paid templates, and pay on their acceptance. As another option, users can create memes in the requested category and pay by brands.

The app also enables users to create personal groups and communities with friends and share memes in those groups.

Taran says

“For input, we use OTT platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, or mobile apps and other consumer brands. Secondly, we build commission work. It helps creators create unique mimes in various templates. The next step is where users come into the frame. Our users create memes using these different types of templates available on our application. Approved memes are then used on-platform as well as off-platform (Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter) Is extended. Similarly, these mimes are created and passed on to end-users. ”

Currently, MimChat has a total of 11 full-time employees and 15 part-time employees. Their app has a total of 650,000 users, with over 130,000 monthly active users and is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Taran Chanana, co-founder of MemeChat

Taran Chanana, co-founder of MemeChat


The startup offers three products:

MemeChat App: This is a main user app where they encourage users to create and distribute memes, and all approved memes are published on a feed.

MemeChat Keyboard: An integrated keyboard for both Android and iOS users, where people can instantly share memes with their friends on WhatsApp, Instagram or any other instant messaging app.

MemeChat Studio: Implements fully automated solution commission mimes for brands and corporates, and they are distributed to various social media networks in one click.

MemeChat also offers an influencer program where social media influencers can sign up on the platform And you can pay a fixed rate to share mimes on your pages and handles.

Future plan

The founders are working on adding more features to the MemeChat app to improve the platform on content recommendation, enable video meme creators to connect to the platform, and work on creating meme with a standalone keyboard.

Taran and Kyle said they would be hosting LIVE Meme Festival events in India that would help nurture a strong community of creators and bring more users to the platform.

MemeCat Self-sustaining App Innovation Challenge by MyGov K was one of 6 app out of 6,940 entries to be selected as the winners of. He was placed second in the entertainment section, and will be awarded a prize of Rs 15 lakh by the Government of India for making products relevant to Indian business and consumers.

The founders underline why MemeChat is an important app for India:

Says the founders, “This product is important because it is making a lot of meme content creators self-sufficient to earn their own pocket money and also make brands go viral.”



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Source: BK.com

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