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2 Omicron patients found in the district, 22 infected in a day; 3 corona free

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Gadchiroli, In the samples of Omicron test sent from the district on December 30, 2 samples have come to Omicron positive. This includes 1 patient each from Chamorshi and Dhanora tehsils. One of the patients has become healthy. At the same time, treatment is started on the second patient. The district administration has given such information. Today on Monday, 22 new coronas have been found infected in a day. At the same time, 3 patients have become corona free. Due to these new infected, the increasing number of corona patients in the district continues. Now treatment is started on a total of 166 corona patients in the district.

Out of 2 patients found in the district of Omicron variant, the first sample was taken on 7 December and the second sample was taken on 28 December. On the 30th of every month, selected samples are sent from Pune to Delhi from different districts for testing. The report of the investigation of the district has been received by the district administration yesterday. Out of which both the above samples have been found to be Omicron positive.

At present, the patient found infected on December 7 has returned home after recovering. On the other hand, the second patient is a CRPF jawan from Dhanora. The Health Department has given information about the improvement in his condition after treatment started on him. Today 22 new infected include 18 patients from Gadchiroli tehsil, 1 from Chamorshi and 3 from Desaiganj tehsil. At the same time, 3 patients who have been corona-free include 1 from Gadchiroli tehsil and 2 patients from Aheri.

12 lakh 9738 people did not vaccinate

The percentage of people who got the first vaccine in the district is 84.50, while the percentage of patients who got the second dose is 57.04 percent. Till now 12 lakh 9738 people of the district have not even administered the first vaccine. The duration of the second dose has come, yet 2 lakh 29 thousand 815 people have not vaccinated. In the context of vaccination, camps are being organized in every village by the district administration. The administration is calling for vaccination to the citizens.

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