Why buy insurance policy online better, save time and reduce premium

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Let us know why it is better to buy insurance online.

The Internet has changed our lives by influencing it. Due to this, our way of buying, banking and insurance has also changed. Youngsters prefer to buy insurance product on the internet than any other financial product. Afterlife insurance shares, financial products are the most searched on the Internet. Life insurance online is the most popular financial product. Let us know why it is better to buy insurance online.


Youth often defer to their important financial decisions such as buying insurance. The reason is lack of time or awareness. People are saved from the work related to the earlier document and the time consumed by going to the insurance office. Now some clicks and phone calls have taken its place. Now it has become easier to find a suitable insurance cover for yourself. With the help of websites like myinsurance.com, you can compare the plans and choose them according to your needs. Managing your policy digitally avoids paperwork. This saves time.

Is much cheaper

Online plans are cheaper and the premium paid in it is 30 to 40 percent cheaper than offline plans. For example, ‘HDFC Life Click to Protect plan provides insurance cover up to Rs 1 crore at only Rs 23 per day. (Which depends on many things). The reason behind the online plan’s premium being cheap is that there is no middleman involved, which saves the commission. Some agents may tell you that online policyholders are not treated like other policyholders. This is completely untrue.

Insurance companies can give policyholders wellness coupons & reward

There is no cheating in buying

In addition to comparing the plan on the website, you read the policy document, review the service provided by the insured and can also see the claim and other important information with it. This helps you in making decisions. Nothing is going to change with the absence of an agent. There is no need for the customer to collect information about the insurance plan himself. A phone call to a web insurance aggregator like myinsuranceclub.com is sufficient. Therefore, there is less chance of buying by mistake. The user has complete information about the product.

(Source: myinsuranceclub.com)

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