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Here’s a great way of making a living by trading the stock market.


The popularity of mutual funds has led to the release of the ET Money report, which reveals a number of interesting facts about the fixed deposit of money in banks. However, FDs in banks bring in very little return. Most banks have cut interest rates in recent times. In this case, hiding the money in the bank will bring less profit. And what to do in such situations? Money can be hidden in mutual funds. There is a facility to invest from Rs.500 per month in the form of SIP. Or you can invest money at once. Money can be easily invested in mutual funds through the EtiMoney app.

Most people are familiar with mutual funds. The number of people investing in these has been steadily increasing in recent times. The main reason for this is the growing awareness among the public on MF on mutual funds. It is against this backdrop that ET Money ETMONEY has produced an Investment Report on Indian Mutual Fund Investors.

Several interesting points came to light in the Eti Money report. Maharashtra continues to be at the top in terms of investment value. Uttar Pradesh came in second. Karnataka is in third place. It is noteworthy that our Telugu states are not in the top 10 states here. This means that our Telugu people are investing less in mutual funds.

top cities are getting challenge
At the same time, if you look at the major cities in the country .. Delhi is at the top. Mumbai continues in the next position. Bangalore is in third place. Cities like Patna, Jaipur and Lucknow are in the top 10 list. Now our Hyderabad is also on this list. Hyderabad is in fifth place.

Investing For everyone
In addition, young people are also investing in mutual funds due to ET Money. Have control over their personal finances. The ET Money report shows that the number of people under the age of 36 is gradually increasing their investment.

In addition, the number of working women across the country is increasing. Those who are self-employed are also investing money. They all believe in Eti Money. They have been investing hard-earned money through this. The family is saving for financial security in the long run.

increasing income
Another interesting point came to light in the Eti Money report. That increase does not turn into investments even as income increases. That means earnings have increased but investments have not grown to that level. Millionaires are spending increased revenue. Tend to live a luxury lifestyle.

investing success

Silver bulls crossed the Rs 63000 cross and gold moved closer to the 53000 level
ET Money India Investment Report 2020 reveals another thing. It suggests that investors should have patience. Considering the allocation of top 25 investors .. ELSS seems to be giving high priority. ELSS is preferred by many due to its three-year lock-in period. These are the ones who are getting high revenue.

ET Money Founder CEO Mukesh Kalra said, “ET Money was brought in with the aim of streamlining the economy and making the financial journey of Indians more confident and easy. EtiMoney is approaching investors with technology-based wealth management solutions to solve money problems. You can easily invest money from home in mutual funds through the ET Money app.

If you also want to read the entire ET Money India Investment Report 2020, you can click on the ETMONEY Investment Report 2020 link. Learn the full details.

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