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These are easy ways to quickly become blonde, the color will improve in a few days


These are easy home remedies for getting blond soon, it will improve in a few days Every person wants to look beautiful! His face is blond and his face is bright, but not everyone’s wishes are fulfilled! Some people have a black or black face! It is also seen that the skin of many people turn black due to the sun during the summer season! Apart from this, due to the polluted environment and dust and dirt, the face loses, and the face turns black! If this has happened to you too, then you can adopt home remedies to remove the blackness of the skin!

These are easy ways to quickly become blonde, the color will improve in a few days

gora hone ke gharelu nuskhe: these are easy home remedies for early blond, in a few days the complexion will improve

Home remedies to improve skin tone


Apply fresh lemon juice on your face!
Leave it on the face for 10 minutes!
Then wash it with cold water!
You can use it every other day!


Make a face pack by mixing turmeric powder and lemon juice!
Now apply this face pack on your face and let it dry for 15 minutes!
Then wash it with water!
You can use this face pack 2-3 times a week!


Prepare a paste by mixing milk and honey!
Mix this paste all over the face and give it a light massage!
Let this paste remain on your face for 15 minutes!
Then wash it!
You can apply it everyday!


Make a paste by mixing tomato and lemon juice!
Apply this paste on your entire face and let it dry for a while!
Then wash off with cold water!
You can use this face pack every other day before bathing!


Grind papaya pieces into a paste!
Now leave it on your face!
Then wash face with lukewarm water!
You can apply papaya mask twice a week!


Prepare a paste by mixing yogurt and honey!
Apply this paste on the face and leave it for 15 minutes!
Then wash it with cold water!
This face pack can be used daily!

rose water

Soak cotton wool in rose water, clean your face with it daily!
You can also wash face by adding rose water to water!
You can use rose water twice daily!

Massage with hot oil

Almond Oil / Coconut Oil / Olive Oil
Some neem leaves
Basil leaves

coconut water

Apply coconut water on your face and neck with the help of cotton!
Keep it for 15 minutes and then wash it off with water!
You apply it twice daily!
You can put coconut water in a bottle and keep it in the refrigerator for a day or two!

Some other ways to be white

To improve the skin tone, not only home remedies and food are necessary, but some daily habits also need to be changed! We are giving some important tips for how to clean the color!

  • First of all, whenever you wash your face, first wash your hands thoroughly, so that the dirt on your hands does not get into your face!
  • Put on light make-up and clean make-up before bed!
  • Clean your skin with a cleansing milk (available in the market) before bed!
  • Skin toning with toner (available in the market)! Toner not only cleanses your skin, but also moisturizes it!
  • Face wash
  • Clean your skin by applying a home face pack once or twice a week!
  • Moisturize the skin by applying cream or moisturizer to retain moisture in your skin!
  • Do not consume cigarettes or alcohol!
  • get plenty of sleep !
  • Apply sunscreen before venturing into the sun!
  • Try to be stress free!
  • Before going out, cover the face with a scarf, so that dust and soil do not get affected.
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