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Popular Baby Sleeping Bags Sold Online Failing To Meet Safety Standard

Health Alert: Popular Baby Sleeping Bags, Safety Standards Fail, Children Can Be Killed – Study

A UK consumer protection and care body has described baby sleeping bags used for newborns as dangerous for children. Warning parents, the organization said that some companies’ baby sleeping bags may actually cause suffocation and excess heat for infants. Based on the findings of its investigation, the organization failed to meet its safety standards for 12 out of 15 such merchandise sold by the market, the company’s showroom and online.

On sale at large online stores

Sleeping bags made by 9 companies of these companies are also available at popular online shops like Amazon, Ali Express, Etsy, eBay. But they all failed at least on one safety standard. That is, these 9 brands of baby sleeping bags are not safe for children. Not only this, it also raises questions on the safety standards and rules of these bags selling sites. The report said that traditional coat blankets are better for children because they do not completely cover children’s faces during sleep, so that they are not at risk of suffocation.

Health Alert: Popular Baby Sleeping Bags, Safety Standards Fail, Children Can Be Killed - Study

Told these brands unsafe

The organization suggested the traditional blanket among the options suggested in its report, but the sleeping bags of three different companies available online and at stores were unsafe. This includes bags from Ali Express, Joja Maman Babe and another company. The report states that the throat of these baby sleeping bags is larger than the neck and size of the children shown in the advertisements, which can easily cover the sleeping child and cause him to suffocate.

Health Alert: Popular Baby Sleeping Bags, Safety Standards Fail, Children Can Be Killed - Study

Famous brands are also unsafe

It is not that only local or small brands are targeted in this, but also big and established brands are not left in the report. A sleeping bag purchased from AliExpress is not safe for infants so that the buttons inside its hood can be pulled off really easily. The bag also did not come with the necessary safety instructions. A Fox-themed baby sleeping bag sold on a similar wish raises concerns due to the tog (inside temperature) that is at least 26 percent above the recommended level by medical standards. This can cause more heat for the baby. Even on this, no security-related instructions were given. Similarly, Etsy’s sleeping bag, another iconic brand, also failed this test due to not mentioning the correct measurement of children’s height. Sleeping bags sold on eBay like this have failed tests due to loose, long and free-hanging labels or threads because they can get tangled in the fingers of these little babies and potentially suffocate them. There were no safety instructions included on this either.

Health Alert: Popular Baby Sleeping Bags, Safety Standards Fail, Children Can Be Killed - Study

Do not buy anything without advice – disclaimer

It is very important to know that the essential product made for children are not really being used only for children of the right age group. Especially after sleeping bags that need to be measured, temperature, and hooded according to infants’ safety standards, we should worry about our children thinking that what we are buying is safe for our children. The organization has released a video on YouTube to show the danger to babies due to these baby bags. Legally the Market Place stores and online shopping sites are not obligated to actually check the security of their products. According to the video, you should make sure that the products you purchase have the certification attached.


Source: www.patrika.com

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