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How To Install A Solar Panel To Earn Extra Income?

Nowadays our government is putting a lot of emphasis on solar energy because solar energy has many benefits and in addition, people get a lot of good opportunities to earn it. As we all know, anyone can easily install solar panels anywhere as per their requirement. While the installation of solar panels provides the necessary power supply of the houses very easily, we also get a lot of relief on the huge electricity bills. Under New and Renewable Energy, the Government of India has decided to provide a subsidy of about 30% on the rooftop solar plant. Let us know through this article, how the Indian government is giving a huge subsidy to the people in the installation of the solar panel.

Government subsidy for solar panel installation: –

If, after receiving government subsidy, any person installs a 1-kilowatt solar plant at his home or anywhere, then he will have to spend between 60 thousand rupees to 70 thousand rupees under the total subsidy. But if any person installs solar panel without government subsidy, then they have to spend a total of 1 lakh rupees and this cost can be even more heavy on you according to the states. Apart from this, the government is considering providing subsidies in addition to this to many states. So that more and more people install solar panels and can supply electricity on their own.

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How To Get Solar Panels?

  • To install the solar panel, first of all, you have to contact the Renewable Energy Development Authority present in your state.
  • Solar department offices have been established in major cities of each state of the country.
  • If you want, you can easily install solar panels by going to a private dealer in your city.
  • You can also talk to the Solar Panel Authority in any state or city to set up a solar panel, and then talk about loans etc.
  • To install the panel under the subsidy, you will get a subsidy form with the authority, under which you can install the solar panel in the subsidy at your desired place.

How long does the solar panel last?

After installing solar panels, we always get electricity supply through solar energy and the solar panel is the only way that there is no pollution in the construction of electricity. Solar panels have capacities ranging from about 1 kW to 5 kW. For this, you need to install solar panels at your home.

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How many solar panels can be installed?

About 500 watts of solar panel can be easily installed by any person on behalf of the government, and this government is providing it to the people under environmental protection. On every 500 watts solar panel, you have to spend up to 50 thousand rupees.

Total cost for installing a solar panel: –

If we install the solar panel, then we get relief from electricity bill and together we do not have to bear the cost of its maintenance. Only in 10 years, you will have to replace your battery for 20 thousand rupees. In addition, the solar panel is so suitable, that it can be easily moved and installed anywhere. It does not cost anything.

Can air conditioner also run on the solar panel?

By the way, a 1-kilowatt solar panel supplies electricity to your home very easily and not only this, an air conditioner can run smoothly on a 1-kilowatt solar panel. If you install a 2-kilowatt solar panel at your home, then to run two air conditioners and three air conditioners, you have to install a 3-kilowatt solar panel in your house.

Home loan for installing a solar panel: –

If you want to install solar panels yourself and you do not have the money collected, you can easily get a home loan from any bank in such a situation, the Government of India and the Ministry of Finance have asked banks to install solar panels to the needy people. Permitted to provide a loan, hence you will not have any problem in getting a home loan.

The Government of India wants people to complete their electricity supply through solar energy, that is why, on the solar panel, the subsidy is also being provided to the people. You can easily get rid of the extra cost of electricity by installing solar panels easily and you can also protect the environment by using pollution-free electricity.


Q: How much does it cost to install solar panels?

Ans: 60 to 70 thousand rupees after subsidy.

Q: How to install a solar panel?

Ans: By visiting the Renewable Energy Development Authority or Solar Department office.

Q: How many solar panels are required to supply the power of a house?

Ans: About 500 watts

Q: Can you install solar panel yourself?

Ans: Yes, but this task is not so easy.

Q: How to choose a solar panel for your battery?

Ans: Take the electricity generated on the solar panel and divide it by the total voltage of the battery. For example, if you charge a 24 V battery with a 1 kW solar panel, its size controller will be 1000/24 ​​= 41.67 amps.

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