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Mental health care is important

Mental health care is important, know what is affecting children. The restrictions imposed due to the spread of corona infection in the world, including India, are affecting the mental health of children and adolescents. These days, due to being limited in their homes, children are neither able to meet their friends nor play favorite games. They are also cut off from normal social contact, which was a part of their daily routine. They are deprived of living important moments of childhood. It is seen that many parents are going to psychiatrists for advice on parenting. Many parents are also suffering from mental problems such as anxiety and lack of sleep these days.

Mental health care is important

Mental Health Child psychology parenting is important mental health care

Children are most affected

The psychological impact of the condition is on all classes, but children and adolescents are most affected because they often do not accept the changes in their daily lives and activities due to epidemics, which causes them confusion, frustration , Have to face anxiety and unknown fear. It is natural to be skeptical of what we hear about the corona virus right now. Children and adolescents are also becoming anxious and stressed due to what they see online or on television or hear from others.

Earlier children used to spend their time between school and friends, now most of the time is spent on TV and mobile. They are getting agitated and aggressive. It is necessary for parents to be vigilant about the safety of children online and to monitor which type of app children are using. If an app is not suitable for the child, then it is appropriate to lock it. Children should be told about the safety of online content and the disadvantage of spending more time on TV and mobile.

The best way for parents to help children is to take care of themselves first. Doing so is not selfish, as it will make them more capable as a stable, calm and responsible parent. Being aware of their environment, children feel stress and anxiety inside parents and caregivers and also behave in a manner which cannot be considered good for them.

The situation of economically and socially vulnerable families is challenging

Due to the current situation, the level of stress will increase rapidly in economically and socially vulnerable families. The situation of children who are deprived of parental care, who live in child care institutions or alternative care, or on street and migrant children, will be particularly challenging. There is also a possibility of an increase in violence according to experiences of public health emergencies. This includes gender-based violence, domestic violence or corporal punishment against children and women. Due to travel restrictions, adolescent-adolescent victims of violence will face barriers to getting help and access to the support system.

As parents and family members, we can help them overcome this difficult time by keeping an eye on the changes happening inside the children. Parents should remain calm and listen to children’s problems. A trustworthy relationship should be formed with them. Engage children in exercise, dance, yoga etc. Empower them and guide them with facts. Can also keep them busy in appropriate family or domestic activities. Connect with friends and relatives from online sources. Make a routine for children. This practice will instill hope in them and help bring a smile on their face.

UNICEF is also aware

UNICEF is aware of these issues of children and is working closely with many institutions and government departments of the state to resolve this. UNICEF, along with the Central Institute of Psychiatry, Department of Women and Child Development and Health Department, has reached out to more than 2,100 children and other stakeholders and made them aware of the mental health and psycho-social effects of corona infection for the last two and a half months. Have done

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