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If you take care from the age of 30, then you will be protected from heart diseases

The American College of Cardiology says that attention is needed from an early age to prevent heart disease at an older age.

If you take care from the age of 30, you will be protected from heart diseases

The American College of Cardiology says that prevention from heart diseases at an early age needs to be looked after from an early age. For this, some things should be kept in mind since the age of 30. The theme of World Heart Day this year is Use Heart to Beat Cardio Vascular Disease.

The heart has three parts

Heart is the engine of the body. It has three parts. First, heart muscle that pumps blood. Second, the electrical system that controls the arteries and the third coronary arteries (arteries) that supply blood-oxygen to each organ.

Take fewer calories

Decide the amount of calories in the diet according to physical activity. Taking too much causes heart disease. Eat fruits, salads, green vegetables, whole grains more and less oil-ghee. Eat garlic, keep cholesterol right, avoid eating non-veg.

Poor lifestyle reasons, keep a good routine

Heart disease is caused by poor lifestyle in 95 patients. Many researches have found that taking some precautions at the age of 30 can reduce the risk of heart diseases. Keep a good routine for this. Sleep on time, get up and do your work.

Loss from diabetes

Diabetes causes the patient’s newborn damage. Therefore, there is no heart pain or burning sensation in heart attack. It is not detected even when there is a heart attack. Such patients are at greater risk. Get related checks done in six months. Keep BP and other diseases under control.

Exercise 45 minutes

Exercising daily helps to prevent heart diseases as well as other diseases. This does not cause cholesterol to accumulate in the blood vessels. Do 45 minutes of light exercise everyday. Take 30 minutes or ten thousand steps. Heartbeat is also normal.

Role of edible oil too

Mustard, olive or peanut oil is good to eat. Soybean oil increases cholesterol. Do not use fryed oil again, use it in a blower. Reheating increases trans fat. Causes heart diseases.

From which age investigation is necessary

After the age of 30 there is a possibility of heart diseases. Those in the family who have BP, kidney and high cholesterol fall in the high risk category. Do the investigation once a year.

Control weight

Increasing the weight increases the pressure on the blood vessels. The heart has to do more work.

Dinner 3 hours before bed

Have dinner 3-4 hours before bedtime. Late eating causes fat accumulation. The risk of heart diseases increases.

laugh uncontrollably

The American Heart Association says that laughing openly reduces stress hormones. It also reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Eat nuts more

Eat plenty of walnuts and almonds. It contains fiber and good fat. Eat cashews in moderation.

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