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Health Alert- Iron Deficiency and Anemia Challenge

Iron deficiency anaemia is becoming a dangerous concern worldwide. The roots of most diseases are usually linked to the amount of food or lack of essential nutrients in them. There is a lot of irregularity in food in the developing world. In this regard, 52 percent pregnant women in India suffer from iron deficiency. This number is very high for a country like India.

Many gynaecologists, obstetricians, infertility specialist doctors gave important information on iron deficiency and anaemia.
Dr. Shilpi Sood says that the large number of pregnant women who are suffering from iron deficiency come to me for treatment, it is really shocking. But even more worryingly, there has been no improvement in this number for the last two decades. Now the time has come when a decisive public health policy should be formulated to address this widespread issue. For several decades, governments have been trying to run several campaigns to create awareness in this regard and rein in this problem from the beginning, but so far there has not been enough success in this direction. When we examine the approach of dealing with iron deficiency, one of the main centers of this program should be early identification of symptoms. It is often very difficult to identify the symptoms of iron deficiency, as it can be hidden in the guise of other diseases. Iron deficiency disease can be found in the symptoms of a common disease.

Tiredness and loss of Appetite…

Dr. Rajul Tyagi also believes that the most commonly seen symptom of iron deficiency in the body is excessive fatigue and weakness. Patients often complain that due to long-term fatigue, they also have difficulty in following a regular routine. Although people instinctively associate it with pregnancy. It is often considered a symptom of anaemia.
Apart from fatigue, the skin color of pregnant women suffering from anaemia turns yellow.
She often complains of chest pain or difficulty in breathing.
Apart from this, there is chronic headache, dizziness and fainting.
The patient may feel that there is not enough blood flow to his head.
When all these symptoms occur in a group, the first step is to perform a haemoglobin (HB) test to check the patient’s hemoglobin level. When anemia is confirmed to be accompanied by symptoms of other diseases, anemia can be examined separately. We have also found that swelling, pain in the tongue and fragile rupture of nails are also symptoms of iron deficiency anemia.
The second symptom of anemia with fatigue, which is usually found in all patients, is their loss of appetite.

According to Dr. Madhuri Patel, it has been seen in patients suffering from iron deficiency that their appetite decreases significantly. This is a very dangerous sign. We should take immediate steps to deal with this situation. The most important thing is that we help in increasing the hemoglobin level of patients who are deficient in iron. For this, it is important that they eat nutritious food, because they can be given supplements in certain quantities. But here it becomes very important that when pregnant women feel less hungry, they are not able to eat enough nutritious food as required, which is necessary to overcome iron deficiency. Then it becomes a matter of more serious concern that iron deficiency in pregnant women can have a detrimental effect on the fetus in their fetus. The worst situation can also happen that a newborn baby also suffers from anemia.
The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 12 grams as the benchmark for healthy levels of hemoglobin.

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Precaution and measures…

Dr. Meena Samant believes that when it comes to dealing with iron deficiency, India has to face challenges on many fronts simultaneously. However, the first step to formulate a policy in this regard will be to create awareness among people about the need to have a balanced diet rich in red-blooded vegetables such as green leafy vegetables, beets and carrots. It is equally important here that issues have to be dealt with in India, which are found exclusively here. A prime example of this is that we also need to be active to protect the intestines of pregnant women from infection with insects. This is the common cause of iron deficiency in India. Adoption of adequate precaution and measures on a large scale is the only way to overcome iron deficiency. Whenever someone feels any common symptoms associated with iron deficiency in their body, in such a situation, immediately seek the advice of the doctor, because early examination always opens the way for better treatment.

Although this situation seems intimidating, it is possible to win over anemia. We must compete this challenge reliably. Women should remember to take the first step towards making anemia-free India. They should get their hemoglobin test done and keep their hemoglobin level higher than 12 grams.

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