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Headache, Tiredness And Sleep Problems May Persist If CFS

In which the patient feels extremely tired and this exhaustion occurs due to no labor. It is also called chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a disease in which the patient feels extremely tired and this tiredness is caused by no labor. This tiredness does not go away even when resting. This affects the routine. Due to exhaustion, physical and mental troubles begin. Many patients experience symptoms for many years. If this disease is prolonged then the chances of getting other diseases increases. It is also known as chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome.

According to doctors, chronic fatigue syndrome is not a fatal disease, but it has many types of damage. As many times the patient is not in the position till standing. Even if he sleeps, his mind keeps going. Slowly and mentally and physically weakening. He is unable to do any work. In such a situation, due to the low strength of the person, the effect of the disease affects his social and family relations.


There is no definitive cause of CFS. Sometimes a virus-bacterial infection can occur. Weak immunity, psychological problems such as stress and emotional causes may also occur. Hormonal changes that occur in the body of women are also sometimes caused by it.


  • Feeling tired all the time and having a sore throat.
  • This tiredness is of different types.
  • Lack of concentration and problem of forgetting.
  • Muscle ache and sudden headache.
  • Getting tired immediately even on less physical exertion.
  • Sleeplessness at night or break up when coming.

Keep these things in

  • Special attention
  • Drink plenty of water so that lack of it in the body does not cause tiredness.
  • Keep a good sleep routine, go to bed only when you are feeling sleepy.
  • Do not sleep at all during the day and do not consume much fatty food.
  • Do not use alcohol, caffeine and tobacco etc. before bedtime.
  • Exercise lightly daily, walk a little after dinner in the evening.
  • Eat legumes, nuts, green vegetables, whole grains and green tea.
  • Do not eat junk food, fast food and more sweet things.


  • There is not a definitive test for this disease. Therefore, several tests are done simultaneously. Doctors conduct tests based on the symptoms.
  • When to see a doctor: Constant or excessive fatigue. There has been a problem sleeping for more than a month. Swelling of the neck glands or Headache for more than 2 weeks.

Method of treatment


Patients suffering from this are treated mainly on the basis of symptoms. There are also fluctuations in symptoms. In this case, treatment is started only after waiting for some time. In this, antidepressant medicines are given to reduce stress. At the same time, small amounts of steroids are also given to relieve tiredness. The help of psychiatrists is also taken in case of need.


This disease is caused by Vata. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is called kalmb in Ayurveda. Both medicine and diet are important in its treatment because the disease is associated with lifestyle. As a diet, seasonal fruits, green leafy vegetables and nuts etc. are advised to the patients so that the patient is less tired. At the same time, medicines made from Ashwagandha, Satavar and Amla etc. are given in the treatment.


When its patients come, full details are taken of them first. Treatment is done on the basis of symptoms. Group medicines are given to patients like lipotium, phosphorus, sulfur etc. For example, typhus for fatigue, hydroceneum for muscle pens, some different symptoms such as laughter instead of crying and Alecia for crying instead of laughter are given. The treatment of this disease lasts for a long time..

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