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Drivers upset due to arbitrariness of towing staff in Nashik, warning of agitation

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Nashik: Due to the no parking zone and policy not being fixed in the city, the common drivers are facing the brunt of it. Towing and lifting large number of vehicles every day is becoming common. Due to this, the drivers are suffering the most.

The police had given a contract to tow and lift the vehicles of those who parked the car in the no parking zone of the city. But people have become very upset with the employees of the company which has got this contract. These employees have now come down on arbitrariness. Instead of bringing discipline by these employees, their entire focus is on levying penalties. The traffic police is completely silent towards the careless and arbitrary employees of the contractor.

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employees will be restrained

In Nashik, since April 2021, the city traffic police has given the contract to lift the vehicles to Shram Safalya Service to lift the vehicles parked in the no parking which is causing traffic problems. Vehicle lifters are doing their work in blue dress with identity card. Consumption of gutka, tobacco while on duty is prohibited. They are allowed to lift the vehicle from 9 am to 9 pm. He is expected to take care of the safety of the vehicle when he picks up the vehicle. There is a provision to compensate the contractor company for wrongly lifting the vehicle and any disturbance in it. From the appointment of employees on towing vehicles to installation of cranes, CCTV cameras and GPS systems on towing vehicles, there is a provision to shoot videos of the day-to-day work and submit it to the Assistant Commissioner of Police. The CD of every day’s work comes to the traffic department. If the day-to-day work is checked, then the troubles of the drivers will be reduced a little and the arbitrariness of the employees will be stopped.

movement has been warned

Towing a vehicle for no parking in Nashik city is levied a penalty. But before levying the penalty, the question should be answered whether there is sufficient number of parking space in the city. Road construction work is going on in many parts of the city under the Smart City program. Citizens are finding it difficult to walk due to the digging of the road. There is not enough parking space to park the vehicle. Where should the drivers park their vehicles in such a situation? Penalty is being charged from them for parking the car in no parking zone. There is a demand of the drivers that they should be given parking facility first. In this regard, the youth of the Nationalist Congress Party has warned of agitation.

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